Group by cyl arrangement (I4, I5, I6, V6, VR6, V8, V12, W12) possibility would be nice to have as well (tagging each entry?), as control for each family is very similar (eg. VAG I4 are most often primary trigger 60-2, even if there are plenty engine codes).

[AAN] (=ABY =ADU harness and control virtually same)

MembersPage/JohnG - VEMS on Audi S6 (AAN)

MembersPage/KristsMezgals - Planning to use Genboard for Audi S4 2.2T AAN fuel injection and ignition

MembersPage/MiskaPeippo - VEMS on Audi S6 (AAN)

MembersPage/DesmondAudi - Audi AAN

MembersPage/FabioAudi20VT - Audi 20VT AAN with v3harness

MembersPage/Magloman - Audi urS4 1992, AAN

MembersPage/GeduFin - 1992 Audi S4 AAN build

MembersPage/BrianWeldon - audi 5cyl 20VT AAN engine

MembersPage/MorneAudi - Audi 5 cyl 20vt AAN engine

MembersPage/VRlife - Audi 1993 5cyl 20VT AAN engine

MembersPage/MarcSwanson - Audi 5 cyl 20vt AAN engine

MembersPage/LaszloHorvath - '93 Audi S4 with Plug&Play VEMS for AAN


MembersPage/PIC - Audi Coupe 2.8 AAH


MembersPage/Olivier - Audi S2/aby

MembersPage/Skotten - S2 ABY (VEMS not installed yet)

MembersPage/GazzaG????60 - ABY Audi S2

MembersPage/Raigo - Audi S2 Avant - ABY engine

MembersPage/GuyFromGermany - Audi S2 ABY


MembersPage/Akos/AudiAbz - 4WD autocross "buggy" one-seat racecar with V8 Audi engine, naturally aspirated (champion car)


MembersPage/MuratADU - Audi RS2 ADU / VEMS Motronic55 PnP??

MembersPage/LoloQuattro -Audi RS2 5 cyl 2.7l 6265 precision turbo


MembersPage/RandoNomm - Audi S2 coupe, 3B

MembersPage/SjoerdHuksloot - Newbie: Audi S2 2.2L 20VT 3B

MembersPage/ClausAudiQuattro - Quattro 90 with a 3B engine

MembersPage/SAYBOR - Audi with a 5cyl. 3B engine

MembersPage/SteveP. - Audi 200 20V 3b modified

[Unknown Engine]


MembersPage/TimJ - Will run a GenBoard on his Audi A4 1.8TQ

MembersPage/WhistlerRacing/SkodaOctavia Skoda Octavia with Audi 1.8 4cyl 20valve engine

MembersPage/Norbitron - Audi 80 1.8 8V + VEMS , first install


MembersPage/AdamVegh - Audi 200 Turbo Quattro Avant 10V

MembersPage/IanGilmore - 93 VW Eurovan with Audi 10v Turbo motor swap

MembersPage/JobParts - (Sweden) Audi 10 valve turbo group-B cars..

5cyl_20v (See AAN above, popular engine with ~1000 VEMS installs, mostly with factory 135 tooth auditrigger, sometimes with 60-2 or 10+1)

MembersPage/JanneVanhatapio - Audi 90 20VTQ

MembersPage/AntonLilja - Will build an Audi 7A (5-cyl 20v N/A) engine, turbo convert it and use GenBoard v3.3 for fuel and DIS ignition.

MembersPage/NanassyPeter - Audi20VT (2.3L 5 cyl)

MembersPage/EHankin 1991 Coupé Quattro 7aT

5cyl 20VT with 10+1 trigger there are at least a dozen 20VT with c010 (coiltype) trigger, AAN, only different trigger selected



MembersPage/Reidar - VEMS Motronic55 Audi RS2 (high output)

MembersPage/MikaelPihlblad - Audi 100 Turbo Quattro, that will run on GenBoard/VerThree.

MembersPage/Philipp??????? Zuend - Building an Audi Urquattro with modified 20V Turbo Engine coming from an Audi S4 on Genboard v3

MembersPage/Serrano - I'm into Audi's, maintenance and improving as well

MembersPage/OveJohansen Audi 80 GTE Quattro (4000Q) 2,5l 20v

MembersPage/VasilisP - Audi RS2 VEMS

MembersPage/Jamo - Audi S2 Avant VEMS

MembersPage/AlexHoy-S2 Audi

MembersPage/Gandalf - Audi S2 Coupe - S2R

MembersPage/Rannel - Audi coupe quattro typ85 7A

MembersPage/RST - Audi S4 Avant

MembersPage/Backeliten - Auditrigger research

MembersPage/Agoston - Audi 200 ,10VT LPG injected

MembersPage/Morty - Installed VEMS in a Seven replica 1.8T-20V

MembersPage/TeppoKalske - Audi RS2 with PnP???? v3.3

MembersPage/Robin - Audi 2.2L 5cyl 20VT turbo

MembersPage/JoelZernask - Audi Coupe Quattro '86 with an '89 3,6 V8 and Genboard v3.3

MembersPage/Billman - Audi RS2 Thoughts and Suggestions

MembersPage/OnlyAudi - another 5 cyl 2.2L Audi engine from Canada

MembersPage/MackHooper - Coming back to the fold, hoping to contribute to firmware develoment. Genboard v2.2 for fun, Genboard v3 on Audi 12v V6!


MembersPage/NorbitronAudiAanSixty - heavily modified engine, 60-2 HALL setup

MembersPage/Elbow - 2,2 20V turbo S6 avant

MembersPage/IstvanAudi - 5cyl dragrace car

MembersPage/YellowWhiteAudi - Audi Quattro 2.2L 20VT with small K24 turbo

MembersPage/MacVfive - 2.3L AGZ V5, Golf MK3


MembersPage/OddbjørnSperstad - Audi Quattro Coupe with 2.7TT conversion

MembersPage/ArnoldasAudiVeeSix - 2.7T V6

MembersPage/DuncanThomson - Fitting v3.2 to a 5 cyl Audi


MembersPage/BenNesbitt - Audi 4.2l 32v V8 installed in 1993 80/90 quattro

MembersPage/AudiQuattro - Building A4 Quattro 1996 with V8 PT 3.6 1991 engine

MembersPage/JoelZernask - Audi Coupe Quattro '86 with an '89 3,6 V8 and Genboard v3.3

[Unknowen Engine]

MembersPage/Powered-SEAT cordoba turbo


MembersPage/PoweredSEAT 1,3Turbo

MembersPage/PetrPodrazsky - I want implement MSAVR on Skoda engine

MembersPage/MK - VW T25 with 1.8T 20V AEB engine, VEMS V3.6


MembersPage/Michele-Golf 4 1.8T 1999 AGU engine type,Vems 3.6

MembersPage/JohnPanttila - Mk3 VW Golf 1.8T AGU

[Unknown Engine]


MembersPage/CameronBrewster - My goal is to get my genboard ver. 3.2 running on my VW VR6 turbo GTI!

MembersPage/VwR32 - VW Mk4 R32 hardware config setup


MembersPage/Bdcoombs - VW 16v project

MembersPage/JohanRius - Newbie - VW 1.8L 16V under conversion from K-Jet to EFI (MSAVR)

MembersPage/KoabiBrooks - Installing v3.2 on '88 VW Scirocco 16v Turbo

MembersPage/GrmRacer - Installed into 16v ITB 2.0L PL running AlphaN


MembersPage/SteinOvePrestmo - mk1 VW Golf GTI with 1.8T 20V engine

_Air cooled_

MembersPage/SteveHendo – VW aircooled + Genboard v3.3 Please help with basic questions.

MembersPage/DavidHelland - I am adapting MSAVR to air cooled VW

MembersPage/NicolasGobet - VW supercharged aircooled type 4

MembersPage/MeKom - VW Type IV - 2.0 AirCooled????

MembersPage/PaulF - VW Splitscreen Camper - 2270 Type 4 Aircooled


MembersPage/HelliouseVW - Rookie(Need help) VW Jetta 90 1.6l Diesel IDI mech injection/timing(current) Variable Vain Turbo, looking to use v3.3


MembersPage/NicholasFranks - Trying out this DIY ign + inj system to put on a VW

MembersPage/MikhailPolovinko - planning to use MS-AVR on VW Golf Mk2

MembersPage/JimW - 85 VW Golf

MembersPage/MattiasCalleberg - Golf Turbo currently With MS2.2, Hopfully in a not so distant future Genboard3.X ionic style.

MembersPage/RonaldAa - 1972 VW 411 with injection

MembersPage/ChrisC - 94 VW 2.0

MembersPage/HansK - Planning to use Genboard V.3 on my VW Golf.

MembersPage/DerrickScirocco - I am Derrick and I am trying to convert from a sub-par TEC2 to a Genboard V.3 ECU on my VW.

MembersPage/PaalPolizei - VW Golf 2 "Polizei", 1.8l 16vt

MembersPage/MartinOlsen - Vw Corrado g60 Turbo

MembersPage/TeroKortteenpohja - VW Scirocco 87, 1.8l 20V Turbo

MembersPage/KevinBlack - Various VW projects

MembersPage/GolfGtiLpg - Golf GTI 16V with LPG

MembersPage/PeterJensen - 89 VW Corrado g60 turbo

MembersPage/SVIScirocco - EFI Conversion/VEMS install on VW 1600cc 8-valve K-JET engine with BLT turbokit

MembersPage/JasonVoytilla - VEMS v2 on 1984 VW Rabbit GTI with EDIS

MembersPage/NickJorge - VEMS V3.7 86 VW Golf 1.8T AWP

MembersPage/GamfDyno - naturally aspirated 1.4 liter "university test engine" on dyno

MembersPage/VolkswagenAhwDyno - on hitech Dyno

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