I'm looking for a ECM (VEMS Motronic55) for our French Audi Club S2/S4/RS2.

This ECM could be support Flex Fuel for our Audi 5 Zylinder (engine type: ABY/AAN/ADU).

We are very interesting of this ECM.

- Could you explain me clearly and precisely how the Motronic55 could manage dual fuel (fuel and/or E85 (Ethanol) ?

The "Anytrim feature" (quite new, some were added in recent 1.1.78 firmware) can be used to adjust

- I would like that it could take into account the variable concentration of Ethanol when refilling with fuel or Ethanol. This imply taking into account this % Ethanol dimension in the table to change the injection as Ethanol need ~30% more injection than fuel and change in the ignition as well ?

using anytrim, with the injector pulsewidth adjustment (note: not lambdatarget, but injector-pulsewidth!)

- In addition to the change in injection and ignition, we could authorize higher boost pressure when concentration of Ethanol increase in the tank as the temperature of the exhaut gaz are lower and the resistance to auto fire is higher.

Boost-target can be adjusted as well

- Could you explain me in detail and clearly how this could be set automatically according to fuel/Ethanol concentration by the VEMS Motronic55 ?

- Do you have a user manual and user software available to set the parameters and data ?

VemsTune, see the help inside the program. It is more spectacular (and useful) if ECU is connected. But to some extent it can be tried with loading a project or .vemslog.

- Is there a management of the knock ?

- How do you manage the 5 sparks as VEMS has 4 outputs for the ignition, is it via a wasted sparks ?

VEMS has 12 ignition-capable outputs in 5 different common setups (from 8 power-IGBT + 4 stepper or 6 power-IGBT +6 logiclevel, .... to max 12 logiclevel). Normally max 8 are used (trailing spark also possible, dual sparkplug, and ign-dual-out mode also). These outputs (among the 32) can be used as any generic-purpuse outputs, not just ignition.

Read the [assembled] controller (not just the motronic) to get an overview of what is inside. There are additional connectors on the motronic box for WBO2 + extra inputs and outputs.

- Which price could you propose for this ECM (with Wideband Lambda Sonde) to our Club ?

Usually discount is granted to installers (after the first, successful, thematically documented install + some car/engine/install pics). Anyway, use the [Contact us] link.