This page lists important changes to the firmware. Check this before downloading a firmware that is meant for production

VERY IMPORTANT: for any firmware, the VemsTune MUST be newer than the firmware (see File / Firmware info).

This page is normally updated by development team only. Unless it's something obvious or minor (eg. spelling), do not edit this page without reading this:

IMPORTANT: when uploading new firmware to a controller (even with a motronic55 connector!), to prevent filling cylinders with fuel or possible igncoil or igndriver damage:

You can report problems/bugs on this page: IssueReports

Users upgrading to 1.0.36 and above please note:

There are some issues with the ALS configuration that may not be apparent when upgrading your configs from an earlier version.

These are detailed MembersPage/GaborRacz/NewAlsLaunchAndOthers

Windows users have an easy solution to solve this issue detaile at MembersPage/PhatBob/ALSConfigFix

Downloadable firmware releases. These are not intended for compilation. See SubVersionSvn if you want to get involved in development. Publish the my_make on your MembersPage if you just want a firmware compiled with some special options.

The "Genboard Public Licence" allows modification of firmware (algorithimic changes, additions etc) if the modifications are sent back to authors. Much of the sourcecode was published, and everyone so far who sent modifications got read-write access to the firmware tree. Because of repeated (intentional or unintentional) violations of the copyright, developers decided to apply control over the sourcecode that allows well-intended use but prevents violation

Changelog - missing tooth trigger installs (N-1 or N-2 with or without camsync) and InputTrigger/AudiTrigger (135+ tooth wheel) users (especially with big-ignadv-window ALS), extrapulse triggers (some honda and homemade triggers) and all VVTI (camshaft-angle-control) and table-switching apps will likely prefer 1.1.x

IMPORTANT: use new VT, or at the very minimum, update VT ini file before upgrade (especially if upgrading to a firmware newer than VT) and check validate after upgrade.

When upgrading to non-released firmware (eg. 1.2.15), the following steps should be applied:

Do some testing (at least a spin around the block) with logging in each step. Report should contain the sequence (eg. GOOD, GOOD, GOOD, WEIRD IAC oscillations; with vemslogs for all steps, at very minimum for problem cases).

[1.2.39] - experimental, do not use yet (unless when explicitely told so, for testing).

[1.2.38] - released use with [VT] 2017-03-22 or newer + update ini from web

compile time 2017-04-11:

compile time 2017-03-14:

compile time 2017-02-14:

compile time 2017-02-06 16:25:

compile time Febr 5 or older:

[1.2.36] - only for testing fw and new VT ini with expert supervision (do NOT use this unless you have VEMS ECU with analog input multiplexer AND need to use some of the inpmux channels for control AND really know what you are doing)

[1.2.35] - obsoleted by 1.2.36

has known problem of mcp3208 sampling freeze, revoked

[1.2.34] - experimental, only for testing and capturing vemslogs with expert supervision

[1.2.33] - internal version

[1.2.32] - experimental, only for testing

[1.2.31] - only for testing (no known issue, should be at least as suitable as any earlier version)

[1.2.30] released (no known problems)

[1.2.29] testing

[1.2.28] testing only

[1.2.27] testing only

[1.2.26] testing only

[1.2.25] testing only

[1.2.24] internal testing only (currently under investigation, not recommended at this time)

[1.2.23] recommended for testing

[1.2.22] - for testing

[1.2.20] - obsoleted by 1.2.22 and 1.2.23

[1.2.19] - for testing only

[1.2.18] - for testing only

[1.2.17] - for testing only


[1.2.15] for benchtesting (obsolete)

[1.2.14] for benchtesting

[1.2.13] for benchtesting

[1.2.12] for testing

[1.2.11] - Released

2nd I-Button is easy to configure in new VT (remember the base rule: VT newer than firmware). Options in short (internally coded in a backward compatible way in config prohibit_config bit 7:6):

[1.2.10 ] - offered to wide audience for testing, extremely promising

[1.2.9] available for testing

[1.2.8] for testing

[1.2.6] for testing. - ALS/launch combined

[1.2.5] was experimental, now obsolete, WILL NOT BE RELEASED -

[1.2.4] - was experimental, now obsolete, WILL NOT BE RELEASED. SubaruEj (or maserati) should use newest firmware, other installs should use a released firmware.

Workaround for the weird Subaru design evolution where the measurement of the 4th trigger is required because the camsync does not move with cam actuation

[1.2.3] - highly experimental, Viper only (for anything else use 1.2.2 or older, really)

[1.2.2] - TESTING - very nice for audi 135 "c270" trigger

Beware: triggers other than the 135 tooth auditrigger are not well tested at this point (and 1.2.2 offers little improvement for them anyway), so benchtest before playing on real engine. 60-2 seems good at least.

[1.2.1] - intermediate non-release only for audi 135 tooth "c270 divbyN" (N=9, 27 or possibly 3)

1.2.2 pushes auditrigger RPM-limit further (and should make 1.2.1 obsolete)

1.2.0 - for testing (test results welcome, of course)

1.1.99 - seems to operate OK, but 1.2.0 recommended because of annoying usable testing (test results welcome, of course) (if you tested experimental secret versions, check firmware info so you don't accidentally leave any 1.1.99 earlier than 2012-05-07 on an ECU)

1.1.98 - NOT released (only for testing !) and will never be released

1.1.97 - NOT released (only for testing Nissan 360 and more testing for BMW double-vanos)

[1.1.96] - RELEASED

[1.1.95] - RELEASED

[1.1.94] RELEASED

1.1.93 - was never released, now withdrawn, see 1.1.94 notes

1.1.92 - was never released, now withdrawn, see 1.1.94 notes

1.1.91 - will not be released

1.1.90 - will never be released


[1.1.88] Withdrawn !

[1.1.87] - release candidate