Current VEMS Projects

This is the full-featured ECM solution. Anything you name, most likely v3 does it already, or it just need software support.

The AfreshTiny is the working name for the VEMS round 52mm WideBand 02 meter. Rather simple compared to v3: wideband, EGT and boostcontrol with dual LED display. Round v2 has additional inputs and outputs, with 3 independent control loops:

Future VEMS Projects

This is a set of boards with less features than v3, but good networking capabilities. Mostly ARM based. Big power, but economical manufacturing is a concern. Some of them are very close to manufacturing.

Obsolete VEMS Projects

These boards were experimental (used for prototyping, verify ideas or calibrate values) and will not be manufactured in the future

This was our first ECM solution, before v3. The same firmware source is used as for v3, but recompile is needed with GENBOARD in my_make instead of GENBOARDv3. This means firmware support is not dropped, even some new features are available from time to time (if compile problem is reported, it will be fixed on demand).