I'm not new to EFI in general but am relatively new to VEMS. I've just recently started playing with a plug and play motronic VEMS unit.

My current fleet:

1995 Audi S6:

stock 5 cylinder AAN motor

034 EFI Stage IIC standalone system running on 60-2 wheel, waste spark

GT3071 turbo, custom downpipe and exhaust


60lb/hr fuel injectors

044 "motorsports" fuel pump

1990 Audi Coupe Quattro:

3.6L v8 twin turbo (PT code motor from V8 quattro)

034 EFI Stage IIC (actually the same computer as the above car.. good thing I cant drive both cars at once because I only have one ECU!)

dual T3 60 series turbos (.6 A/R)

dual intercoolers

big-a$$ double row aluminum radiator

crank mounted 60-2 wheel, running waste spark

coil on plug

dual path exhaust (side exit and rear exit, boost actuated side valve)

My plan is to install a PNP motronic VEMS unit on the S6 and keep 034 on the v8 mostly so I can stop swapping the ECU around but also to learn the ins and outs of VEMS.

More VEMS related stuff coming soon!

PNP box is in my S6 now. Some suggested idle settings by Jorgen that I need to try:

(10:00:06 AM) Jorgen1_: enabled

(10:00:09 AM) Jorgen1_: 20

(10:00:13 AM) Jorgen1_: 0

(10:00:15 AM) Jorgen1_: 20

(10:00:16 AM) Jorgen1_: 2

(10:00:19 AM) Jorgen1_: Enabled

(10:00:23 AM) Jorgen1_: 20

(10:00:24 AM) Jorgen1_: 10

(10:00:25 AM) Jorgen1_: 50

(10:00:26 AM) Jorgen1_: 10

(10:00:28 AM) Jorgen1_: 55

(10:00:29 AM) Jorgen1_: 20

(10:00:30 AM) Jorgen1_: 10

(10:00:34 AM) Jorgen1_: 128

CEL - check engine light

wired as: AANpin22 = EC36pin15 = p259/5

Some potentially useful files for others. Bone stock S4/S6, 1.1.27 firmware:




mostly notes to myself on pure megatune free-air calibration procedures from talking with Jorgen on IRC

key on, engine off

communications->mini terminal


it will come back 'Helo', enter key does nothing, this is normal.


should display the o2 page. repeat until a value is displayed. o2 should be getting hot.

once an o2 is shown, if the value is lower than 20.9, close mini terminal with:


close mini terminal window, adjust wideband cal constant by increasing it 2 or 3 at a time, burn to ecu, back to mini terminal


The mde00 resets the wideband circuit


mll, check wideband numbers.. repeat until 20.9 is attained.