Currently planning a Audi AAF/7A 20v VEMS Install in a 83'Audi 80GTE quattro (4000q for you yanks :-)

AAF 2,5l 5cylnder engine

7A 20v head and intake

89' 20v tubular exhaust manifoild

S4 camshaft pulley and tensioner

VEMS gen3.3 with fully sequentional injection and COP

I am not shure if I will go with the auditrigger setup, since it seems to have some issues.

I would rather not use the distributor for timing, but it may have to do for now.

For now, I'm going for the auditrigger, but I'm allso ordering a 60-2 crank-pulley from, in case the auditrigger does not work out.

Only thing left to decide before ordering, are type of coils.

I want Capasitive discharge, but on a I-5 this means $$$!

Any ideas are welcome!