Been a while since updated this page changes in car specification


ADU / AAT hybrid Stroker engine

Ported ADU cylinder head

NM camshafts, retimeed with overlap

CompTurbo? CT4 turbo

EV14 750cc injectors

Wagner reverse Inlet & Wagner SQ evo Exhaust Manifold with Wagner Intercooler

4 port mac boost solenoid valve

Currently running vems and 1.1.95 firmware.


Stroker engine

AAT Diesel Block 2.5L Block ( Pauter Rods, JE pistons )

Ported ADU cylinder head

Rare NM camshafts

GT30R .82 A/R Turbo (4" anti-surge inlet)

RC 750cc Injectorss / Bosch 044 Fuel Pump

3" exhaust custom downpipe

Wagner Inlet & Exhaust Manifold with Wagner Intercooler

Planning on installing VEMS running version 1.1.62 after seeing the success of Alex Hoy with VEMS doing boost control via turbosmart solenoid.

Small query there is a bug in vemsv3.ini where the boost table is kpa vs kpa instead of kpa vs rpm is there any fixes for this?

Wicked thanks for the update

Tested the new Vemstune it is a lot more stable and no longer has the rpm bug :)

My ecu has been built and is in the hands of Pnanassy my VEMS supplier with firmware 1.1.63