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Haven't installed VEMS yet, will install VEMS motronic in Audi S2 Saloon (4 door) -94 (ABY).

I'm actually not that interested in high performance, I just want to have the flexibility that the VEMS provides. And I'm really interested in the inner workings of the engine management. The goal for now is to get better throttle response (it really sucks) and better torque in the low revs.

The engine is almost stock except for half weight flywheel and RS2 Catalytic converter.

The current plan is:

Install VEMS, play around with it a little bit.

New camshafts (7A).

New exhaust manifold and downpipe.


Injectors and turbo. The target performance is about the same as an Audi RS2.

I have a leaking pressure hose, the one just before the throttle valve. I've probably had that leak since I bought the car and since this is actually my first car I never had anything to compare to and thought the hissing noise was from the air intake. Found the leak today and will order a new hose tomorrow and after that I have a business trip to take care of so the Car is on hold for a couple of weeks.

PS. English is not my native tounge and I'm still learning the technical terms. If you add any comments please write out the meaning of any acronyms or shortenings. Example: MAP (Manifold Air Pressure). DS.