2.3L audi 5cyl 20VT audi for drag racing

Engine is built to >800 Hp specs. A similar engine measured on engine dyno reached: 976 Hp at 375kPa @ 8000 RPM.

We'll see.


10+1 trigger, that is

See InputTrigger/MultiToothNoneMissing

Engine is running with firmware 1.1.27


First running was with small injectors (from some Opel Monsa).

Now running 1600cc/min low-impedance injectors, with 6.8 Ohm (50W) series resistors. Currently 36V flyback (30V transient + powerflyback).

I think the 1600 cc Bosch LowZ injectors do not work with 1.5 .. 1.8 bar fuel pressure:


Now running with inductive ignition. (idles at 77kPa, around 800 RPM, big cams)

It sounds like not all 5 cyls run at idle. (gets better at rev)

Finally it will use CDI ignition.