My name is Joel Zernask and I live in Tallinn, Estonia.

My project is an '86 Audi Coupe Quattro that I equipped with a V8 engine. Originally it had a 2,2 10v 100kw engine, which was swapped for 2,3 20v 125kw engine. Since there is never enough power and since I'm addicted to V8 engines, I decided to swap the R5 for a V8. I didn't want to go for 2,2 20vT because I had an S4 with that engine and got fed up with turbo lag. I'm very happy with the 4,2 S6 I currently have.

For the CQ I chose 3,6L V8 instead of 4,2 because the racing classes in Estonia brake at 4000 ccm and that 4,2l engine would put me in an unfair disadvantage.

Pictures of the swap project can be seen here ->

I first thought to stick with an OEM Motronic and distributor ignition, but one of the distributors interfered with the brake booster and the OEM Motronic is no good anyway tuning wise. So I started to search for EMS's and currently I have decided that VEMS is the best option for me.

I replaced distributor ignition with Bosch wasted spark coil packs. According to very much appreciated guidance of Jörgen Karlsson, I removed the interfering distributor. I added three more pins in addition to the OEM #1 TDC pin to the flywheel, so my trigger setup now is based on 4 pins.

My VEMS shopping list was as follows:

VEMS Genboard v.3.3 (assembled and clamped) EUR448,60 options:

Other items:

Total: appr 700 EUR

All the best to you,

Joel Zernask.

For more information on my VEMS configuration, see MembersPage/JoelZernask/ConfigurationPage