Audi A4 1.8TQ

My plan is to uppgrade with bigger turbo, new engine management system a bigger IC.

MembersPage/SteinOvePrestmo has intentions to install Genboard on the same engine, an Audi AEB (1.8T 20V). How to contact him? prestms (at) hotmail dot com

Great overview of available information here: GenBoard/Manual

What sensors to use

Then there is the ignition and InputTrigger for this engine. I'll leave that to AEB experts to answer as I don't know anything about the stock system on these engines.

All 1.8t's have coil-over-plug coils. I think the toothed trigger wheel is attached to the crank inside the block, with a sensor bolted to the back of the block, protruding inside. I think its the same as the ABA trigger wheel; 60-2. There is a hall type (I'm pretty sure its a hall type), one-window cam position sensor on the intake cam on the front side (timing belt side) of the motor. You will need this to use the coil-over-plug coils.

Q: Do I have to make changes to my engine internally?

A: No.