I'm planning on converting from Electromotive TEC 2 engine management to GenBoard version 3.2 in the mid March of 2005. Here is pics of my car [Current setup pics]

Car is a 87 vw scirocco 16v turbo

Testing genboard v3.2 against tec 2 - hoping to conduct the test in mid January.

I have to get genboard sorted out first. Test will consist of tec 2 getting street tuned for maxium effencncy and power. swip out tec 2 for genboard and street tune it and see the results. Should be a great comparasion and information data for development of future systems.

I'm going to be doing Wasted Spark igniton via a 60-2 Multitooth wheel with the help of Brian (MembersPage/GrmRacer, Grassroots car0, MembersPage/MarcellGal, and MembersPage/DaveBrul.

Here is the sensors I'll be running:

I want it setup to be a straight plug and play harness. here is some info of what I'm going to go by [ tonci loncar]

Compiling firmware: vems.hex file

For future info if anyone ever has some problems with the vems.hex file not being made you have to install both winavr and perl into your system. I'm running windows xp and I had to install both to get it to compile smoothly.

Parts list for Genboard v3.2

Installation notes

Installed Wideband on April 15, 2005

Wideband worked perfectly. next is install a second Bung to mount Wideband sensor permently into car.

After that is installed wire injectors into genboard and start tuning so genboard can soley support fuel.

In the Genboard 3.2 assembled unit Firmware is already installed with the wideband activated. It is recommended to install a (released) firmware though, and not trust the firmware that is uploaded just for testing.

Here is my files if something is wrong in them tell me:

[config for 60-2 wheel]


[MCD from genboard]

See injopen in GenBoard/Manual/Config/InjectorOpening. I recommend stealing injopen related settings from MembersPage/MarcellGal/EngineSwap if you have no idea.

Check the alternate=03 (are you really using 4 banks or just 2)?

While ignchmax=03 (for a 4cyl) is a good idea (so knock detection finds every cylinder) for alternate configure the number of injector banks-1.

Start with lower cwl, to decrease the chance of drowning your sparks at the very first attempt. You can increase it easily after first attempts if you think it's necessary.

Maybe it's a good idea to split the page according to subsystems and mention a few variables in


right at the subsystem description.

If you can start the engine and you'll have good idle, than the first to do is check the timing with a timinglight. It's the first thing that you have to do before the tuning. -Fero

Wiring notes

Starting from someone elses config







Write here or email me if you have any info or advice:

MembersPage/DerrickScirocco/DistributorInstallation (Information that might help)


MembersPage/DerrickScirocco/TEC2 (how it works and how I can better convert to genboard)