I'm looking to build a VEMS controller for my S6. I know they are available built, but I would like to do it myself and I figure it will be a lot cheaper. I need to compile a parts list.

1 x Power Flyback

1 x 250-400 kPa MAP sensor

7 x Injector or WBO2 heater driver

5 x Ignition driver

1 x Idle stepper motor driver

1 x JPT55 connector

1 x Dual channel knock sensor interface

1 x Alubos gasket

1 x Alubos1600

1 x Alubos Endplate

1 x GenBoard v3.3

I also need a front plate for the JPT connector. Are any of these parts redundant? Are they already included in the GenBoard v3.3? Am I missing anything?

Where can I find information on assembling the above parts? I have been looking at the wiki but don't find much yet.