Some Audi PNP Config Files.

This is files taken from car`s I`ve been tuning. These can be used as startup files and could probably be useful for some. All files are from 1.1.77 or later using VemsTune.

Audi RS2: PNP, ADU Engine, Siemens Deka 630cc injectors@4bar, Fully built engine with 8.5 to 1 comp. Turbonetics super60 0.68ar, 98oct fuel, ported head with 7A cams, Standar vems MAT sensor. Hall-inverter 034 high output coils

Audi RS2: PNP, 7A head with LongBlock?, bigger valves, 8.5 to 1 Comp, Precision 6262 0.68ar, MTM cams. Standar Vems MAT sensor, This car is dynoed at 98oct fuel to 670hp and 760nm at 1.8 bar boost. RC injectors 750@3bar running 4bar. boose controlled by N75 valve, 034 high output coils, None Hall-inverter

AUDI S2: PNP, 3B engine, precision 6262 0.68ar, 9.3 to 1 comp, stock cams, siemens deka 630cc running at 4bar, boost controlled by n75 (High boost 2.3bar), Standar vems MAT sensor, stock coil, Hall-inverter

Audi S6: PNP, AAN engine, Ported, schrick cams, 8.5 to 1, GT35R turbo, dynoed 634hp and 732nm, siemens deka 630 running at 4bar, standar vems MAT sensor. Boost by N75, 1.8T coils, Hall inverter

Audi S6: PNP, AAN, STANDAR AUDI PTC MAT SENSOR, Longblock 2.5L with ported head and 7A cams, GT3071 0.63ar Turbo. 8.5 to 1 comp. Dynoed 478hp, siemens deka 630cc running at 4bar. Boost by N75, 034 high output coils.Hall inverter

Did you checked the primary trigger Pin BTDC with a timing light? On the second RS2 with 2.5liter and 670 hp you have 67 there while i have checked with a timing light and have 64. Does this mean that i have to extract 3 degrees in order to compare them 1:1 ?

Thanks for sharing

Triggerlog basics - with audi trigger:

If the ecu miss one tooth on the 135tooth trigger wheel, what happens?


triggerlog RPM limit

Ford Escorth Cosworth 1994 (EDIS-4) 36-1 trigger.


Tachometer jumps around when cranking. I`ve seen this on a lot of cars running vems. At this Ford it became a problem, since the tacometer needle jumpst all the way around and get stuck.

This is a problem since we need to remove so much from the dashboard to get it fixed, and it only jumps around after a few startups.