Thanks for the suggestion to reverse the polarity of the of the VR 135teeth grey connect. I tested yesterday evening No difference the engine is unable to go above 2000rpm or 3000rpm, then it stall and sometimes turn in reverse.

I also did a check of the alignement of the TDC flight wheel signal and hall cameshaft, it is in the window.

here is the picture, the shift in horizontal of the 2 signal is just an ofset I put with the scope but both are at O volt reference.


Here is two config I was used to start with before going further.

You can of course adapt the engine stetup req fuel and VE table to adapt to your engine, this is just to see if you have the same limit car is not moving on the roadjust going from idle to 6000rpm for example to go above the 2000rpm or 3000rpm limit I have with this config or I must investigate on other electric stuff on the car.

Many thanks dear VEMS friend.


>>>I insert the link to the log.

Audi 3B engine cannot reach more than 2000rpm because of too many prim trig error.

it is quit urgent if you have input as tonight will be my last test.

>>>If you have some parameters you suggest me to test tonight of electric modification this would be great because I will try again at 17H00 tonight if the PMH signal is well in the middle of the hall 5 to 0v window by using a scope.

>>>Here is the link to the vemslog uploaded in the filearea.

You'll see that the engine raise a lot of error when trying to go above 2000rpm and then stall.

>>>Here is the trigger log I'll see a lot of missing

>>>thanks a lot for the answer about compatibility of vemstune with the firmware that i wanted to be sure.

Dear all.

I am using the last stable version of vemstune 1.4.9 (2013-02-15) with firmware 1.2.11.

There is message vemstune older than firmware.

I saw on uk forum that this is not a problem with this version of firmware.

do you confirm that there is no risk of side effects ?


What are all the versions of vemstune are compatible ?

What are all the firmware fully compatible with vemstune 1.4.9.

I raise that question because on audi motronic55 v3 adu I never had any problem but on audi 3b engine motronic55 v3 I have a lot of problem with engine unable to go above 2000rpm.

>>>Do you have a link to the photo ?

The secondary trigger crankhome-VR MUST BE reversed: (half way down page).

If you have not done so already, i would advise to check this immediately, VEMS needs different polarity on secondary trigger as stock Motronic.

Maybe the problematic has special 7A flywheel that has some ghost-teeth ? Detailed trigger-diagnosis would be needed (preferrably with DVM + scope + logging with VT).

  • sectrig=auditrigger: 1 tooth crankhome-VR, and 1 cam-HALL window

>>>I'll see tonight with a scope, using Motronic the position of VR and Cam-Hall. For info the engine run perfectly with motronic.

I tried the VEMS on an other 3B engine and initially I had the same problem engine was unable to go above 2000rpm, then uploaded an other config from someone else and then this other 3B engine could reach with no problem to 6000rpm. I keept this config and tried on the Audi 3B then I had problem before. The problem was still there.

So this is very tricky. Bosch Motronic work fine on the Audi 3B which has the problem, Vems intially had the same problem of 2000rpm stall on an other 3B engine, update the config then was working great. plug on the Audi 3B then problem above 2000rpm still there.

>>Yes I suspect the polarity of the sensor to be inverted but I found strange that I had initially the same problem with the vems on the other engine and then after upload of an other config this was then working fine BUT still problem on the 3B.

I think that maybe there was initally a problem in the config and then this was solved by the upload of an other config and then what still remain is the polarity problem ???

A: There are no compatibility issues between 1.2.11 firmware and any VemsTune version. So yes, this VemsTune version is compatible

>>OK this is clear thanks.