Audi 1993 UrS?4 with AAN 20V Turbo Engine



VEMS Requests:

  1. Add support for Bosch LSU4 Wideband O2 sensor (Stock O2 Sensor is unsuitable for DIY tuning, it would be too much risk)
  2. mcp3208 analog input on the SSC6 feemale to allow selecting Fueling/Timing MAPs for 91 Oct or 100 Oct, via a dashboard switch

OK, this makes it clear. Will be a standard AAN box (with 5 logiclevel ignition outputs assuming the factory power output stages are kept), like the AAN at the bottom of MembersPage/TeppoKalske

WBO2 on SSC5 male standard - applies to audi AAN and 3B (also to BMW):

AAN ECU extra connector pins:

SSC6 feemale

Analog inputs are useful for