Car is a MK2 1982 VW Scirocco, 1600cc 8-valve K-JET engine with a BLT turbokit installed probably somewhere in the late eighties.

Engine has already been prepared for EFI by replacing

the K-JET injectors with EFI injectors using custom injector seats and BBM fuel rail.

VEMS serial number: 2664

UPDATE 9/5/2010.

Engine is running on testbench now with VEMS controlling the

injectors and ignition using stock distributor and the optical 4-

window sensor in the distributor as coil-type primary trigger.

I will tune low-load vacuum sites with the engine on testbench,

and then install it to the car and tune the mid/high engine load

sites on dyno.. at the same time vems will be set-up to

handle boostcontrol aswell.

  • Note:

You could try this config fore testing

More info:

[testbench config] using firmware 1.1.70. Same config as /PeterJensen/v3.3_n001212-2010.03.22-11.43.24.vemscfg (see below), only ignition outputs have been changed to EC36/24.

I have a ECU test-setup on testbench, using a 14-volt DC power supply for power. On testbench I have connected to ECU:

Rest of the sensors (TPS, MAT, MAP) are already installed into the engine and will be connected when I have injectors/ignition working on testbench and will proceed to on-engine tests.

Only outputs that I have succeeded to get to work are the injector outputs.

I'm unable to get any of the ignition outputs work even when assigning them to miscoutput1 and configuring to activate the output on min 50RPM.

Possible cause

Very good !

Finally from this reasonably detailed information it seems likely that something with the internal LBUS is fried.

The most likely cause would be a fried P259 chip that keeps the internal LBUS "blocked".

Chip can be purchased and swapped with some soldering experience:

It's interesting that you got non0 RPM: the p259 chip most often brings the internal 5V supply down, which is necessary for either HALL ( trigger pullup ) or

VR (LM1815 supply). So hard to be sure without internal testing.

If you send (not registered mail please) it back (address negotiated in email)

Unless there is serious problem (like processor, or 3+ chips) we repair what we find until it passes the output functionality tests (no high-temp, or high-current, or vibration test though : tests designed for manufacturing defects, not application tortures, but satisfactory most of the time) for a

38 EUR + 18 EUR shipping fee. If it's something more serious we let you know (150 EUR is worst case: swapping full mainboard to a brand new one, reusing alubos, frontplate, clamping....).

Fill in the details: EC36/xx pin and wire color for each, and other detail as necessary

Ignition outputs - firing order 1,3,4,2. The ignition coil is used with distributor ignition, so only one output: EC36/24

Injector outputs

Other outputs


I think I have something seriously toasted in the board, as;

- P259 ch0 outputs +12volts static, measured with DVM towards

ground, regardless if the MiscOutput? it is assigned to is

active or not.

- P259 ch4 outputs +2volts static, regardless if the MiscOutput?

it is assigned to is active or not.

- Ignition outputs give static ~0.2volts measured towards +12v.

Are these logiclevel or power-IGBT outputs ?


Option 1.

Stock distributor is fitted with an optical sensor, giving one pulse per firing, approx. 90degress BTDC for each cylinder.

Vacuum hose is removed from dizzy to prevent vacuum-based adjustment of ignition advance (trigger position).

Without camsync it needs distributer for ignition of course.

This was the first trigger pattern first implemented for 1.0.x firmware (around the same time as missing tooth).

We tested with c004 trigger on bench (with 1.1.70 firmware).

Use only the trigger settings, other config does not match your setup.

* --> Updated to firmware 1.1.70 and vemstune-2010-03-08, tested with this config, just changed ignition outputs to reflect my wirings (pin 24). Still no life on the ignition outputs, injector leds flash nicely when spinning the distributor with drill (max about 1200rpm). The ignition "test" functionality in "Ignition Outputs (visual)" -dialog also does not light up any of the ignition leds.

You might want to post your actual .vemscfg config AND .vemslog, so we can see what can be the problem in your case (and we could help). If you don't post your .vemscfg, noone will be able to help. The above definitely works with c004 trigger, so we could spot the difference (below you have very wrong configs, so if you use those instead of what we showed, you'll get nowhere).

Alternative trigger OPTIONS - not used at the moment, just keep in mind

Option 2.

Mount a 60-2 trigger wheel on the crank pulley and fabricate hall sensor brackets..

Yes, this option would allow wastedspark DIS ignition.

Option 3:

4-1 on crank (3 pulses, 2 of them are appr 60-90 BTDC; pattern is 90,90,180 crankdegrees). This is the simplest, smallest toothcount pattern that allows DIS.

Trigger testing

Files are [here]

like [test.vemscfg]

We reproduced this setup and come up with a working - see c004 above. This is all wrong, noone should copy it !


nr of tooth=2 is wrong. Good value:4


NOTE THAT YOU HAVE AN OUTPUT COLLISION ! Ign/6 used for 2 functions. It is NOT GOOD ! (validate in vemstune does not warn about this ???)

--> No, I'm using VemsTune-Install-2009-10-02.


ALSO very WRONG!!! Use 0..3, even if all are the same output !!!. The config we showed you has it correctly.