Audi AAN 5cyl 20VT engine


Eurospec 2.6L Block (Carillo rods, Arias pistons)

ported and polished/flow matched cylinder head

GT30R .82 A/R Turbo (4" anti-surge inlet)

60 lb/hr Injectors w/ Bosch 044 Fuel Pump

Stromung 3" exhaust w/ custom 3" downpipe

RS2 exhaust manifold

Greddy Oil Catch Can

Samco boost hoses

Apikol Gen.2 Intercooler

custom charge pipe w/ HKS SSQV blow-off valve

034 Motorsports High Output Coil Kit

RS2 6-speed transmission

South Bend FE Series Clutch

JB Racing 11 lb. flywheel

2Bennett full coilover suspension (track spec)

OZ Racing Ultraleggera 17" x 8" wheels

Porsche 996TT brakes

Please measure the MAF pins in the harness

We recognized that the MAF connector is simply unsuitable, because we need 4 pins (neither must be connected to GND or +5V) which is simply not available in the MAF connector. If we find 3, that, together with the NBO2 nernst signal might be enough.

Anyway, finalized pins to use for WB02 LSU4 sensor:

Using these pins we wouldn't use the MAF plug, but would allow there to be enough inputs for the WB02.

In the meantime, review VemsAudiAan

Marc Swanson here, posting my experiences with testing Brian's ECU on my stock 93 S4, Updated 11/5/2007.

After speaking with Jorgen I've found the 1.1.27 firmware to be the best bet for the AAN motronic ECU. I've verified that the boost control is working and responding correctly now and have installed and tuned an ecu in a GT3071 equipped AAN motor (same as ABY) with RS2 injectors.

For the 'next guy' out there, follow these steps to get your motronic plug and play ecu up and running on a stock UrS?4/S6:

download the audi specific firmware uploader from here:

download the 1.1.27 firmware from here:

download megatune from here:

next download the 1.1.27 specific config files (for device without cam-HALL inverter!) from here. However, this will not work with cam-hall inverter (ignition 360 degrees off), so see VemsAudiAan page !

copy the contents of that zip file into the VemsMT?1.1.23 directory. Doing so should cause the option to appear when you start megatune for the 1.1.27 config.

plug in the ecu to the car and turn the igntion on. connect the laptop to the serial interface on the ecu. Run the 'V3Gui' executable. Click on 'upload firmware'. There will be a bunch of file selection dialogs you need to click on. For the firmware, select the (unzipped!) base directory for the 1.1.27 firmware. For the air patch file, go to the v3gui-audi folder, click on the NTC sub folder and select airxfactor_1900_256.hex. For the coolant patch file select audi_ptc260-425_ntc1900_256.hex from within the same folder. be sure both boxes are checked, and when ready click upload firmware (assuming your com port settings are all set).

after the firmware upload completes, power off the ecu by turning off the ignition and turning it back on again. Next up, load megatune and select the 1.1.27 12x12 config. If necessary adjust the com settings (default is com1).

Load the .msq file that is provided in the 1.1.27 config zip file you previously downloaded. This should load the basic settings into the ecu for you. Exit megatune and turn off the ignition.

Next step is to switch the wiring for the reference sender (It would be nice for VEMS to provide a simple adapter cable to make this easier). To do this, remove the plastic cover on the firewall that covers the multitude of connectors and locate the black 3 pin connector that runs to the block of two VR senders attached to the bell housing. you'll need to swap two of the pins in this connector, the red wire needs to be switched with the violet wire, see here:

Once that is done, the car should fire right up.

Hope that helps!

Marc again, On the wideband pins I dont think it makes any sense to route the wiring to unused pins on the motronic connector. It is a royal pain to install pins into the connector which would then have to be rolled into a lengthy harness to reach into the engine bay anyway. My suggestion would be to just have a harness go through the case much like the EGT cable.

Another potentially helpful file, a config that I used on a GT3071 equipped AAN with RS2 injectors, running about 240kpa boost (ran out of fuel injector at too much more boost than that). map is scaled up to just over 300kpa for future expansion once we get bigger injectors on the car.