VR sensor just doesn't show any trigger signal in VEMSTUNE (primary trigger in software set up according to the info about VAG OEM 60-2 wheel ). With the engine on the engine stand and vems plugged in the battery, i tried to see the crank signal from VEMS tune RECORD TRIGGER function: firstly cranking the engine by hand,secondly just moving the sensor by hand on/off from the engine block ("simulating trigger wheel") - the program shows that bytes are received, but doesn't show any signs of trigger. There is no signs of the secondary hall sensor,too.

I checked the VR sensor gnd/signal with multimeter and it shows about 550ohm.

VR sensor (3 pin) is wired as follows: 2 individual shielded cables (sorry, couldn't find shielded cable with 2 or 3 wires inside) , one for the ground and one for the signal, both shields wired together. shield (black) are then wired together and connected to the sensor GND (EC36/26) wire near EC36; GND (grey) are connected 2 cm from EC36 to GND (EC36/26), VR blue wire (signal) goes to EC36/27.

As the VEMS V3.6 board was purchased unassembled, I made only following configurations to the trigger system:

1. secondary trigger HALL - shorted SOT23 NPN base to collector as per pictures in the site

2. primary trigger VR:

2.1. closed the SJ6 , SJ2 wasn't touched as it was opened in the board all ready;

2.2. soldered a small wire between JP2 and JP7;

and that's all.

Have I missed something?

~im having the same problem right now. have you figured it ut? im recieving bytes on my trigger log but nothing else. i was told my p259 chip burned out from improper grounds and to clip pin 4. but my fuel pump and fans work off that chip and they work fine. i think its the lm1815m chip, i ordered some and will try this week.~nick



Hello everyone!

This will be my diary of building VEMS V3.6 powered 1.8T AEB in VW T25 bus (mated to T25 gasoline gearbox with diesel bellhousing, so will be mounted in the bay @ 50 degrees).

The truth is that I always like to go the hard way and sadly this is not an exception: with a little to no knowledge in electronics, I purchased unassambled VEMS board with necessary things to run VAG 1.8 20V turbo engine.

The engine is completely stock (60-2 wheel, AEB 1-slot cam sensor, stock VR crank sensor, stock cam hall sensor) except the coils - they are late 115-er style COP's with built in ignitors VAG coils (orange color, came from a spare Audi S4 B6 engine that gathers dust in the garage ).

In a time of 2months I managed to solder the original wiring loom to the corresponding econoseal connectors, for now, the configuration consist of:

4 FETS to 4 injectors (tested with vemstune injector test function): working;

4 stepper outputs to corresponding ignition coils: all 4 working and giving spark;

IAT: working

CLT sensor: working

TPS: working

WB: working

the fuel pump isn't wired yet.