Audi S2 Coupe 2.2L 20vt --> 400+ bhp

I'm planning to convert my Motronic Audi S2 Coupe (ABY-engine) to the VEMS motronic55.

I can use your help, that's for sure.

Do you know if it has camHALL inverter ?

config depends on this !

I have some problems with the Vems unit. My car doesn't start.

Have swapped the VR-signal, checked everything.

I first started on 1.1.63, on which the ECU was delivered. Had some exhaust bangs, but no running. Changed req_fuel, TDP etc.

Updated to 1.1.70 at request of the Vems supplier, still no runner.

Updated to 1.1.27, still no runner.

Borrowed a Vems unit from my mate, it came from a running ABY engine on 1.1.27, but no running engine.

Checked the signal from the flywheelpinsensor, and the hall window with a oscilloscope, it was nice on time.

Replaced or checked almost all grounding of the engine, coils etc.

Also changed the VR-sensor for a brandnew one, but no running. Maybe need to check longer, just tried for 30 sec. after I changed the VR-sensor.

Engine starts instant on motronic. Changed the custom remap in the Bosch ECU for a generic chipset and engine runs fine, so as far as I know, no strange things are done in the past by previous owner.

What can I check more?

Please post your latest saved config in vemscfg format.

  • You've done a lot of "updated to 1.1.x", and perhaps forgot to upload config after that. If you don't upload config after uploading firmware, the config inside is complete nonsense and it will surely not start (and might even fill the cylinders with gasoline, damage ignition coils, etc...). Remove injector connectors and ignition fuses until you upload a good config.
  • Sjoerd: I always loaded a config that was written for the firmwareversion that I used. Sometimes I had several configs, and some guys I trust adjusted some maps for me. With a firmwareupgrade, I always disconnect injectos, ignition and fuelpump.

This is the latest basemap supplied by my Vemssupplier: