I have an Audi S2 Coupe.


It has several modifications:

RS2 ADU Engine

RS2 CRB gearbox

Garret GT3076 63AR Turbo

7A Cams

034 Motorsport Inlet Manifold

Custom Tubular Exhaust Manifold

RC Engineering 750cc Injectors

Aquamist 2d Water Injection

034 Motorsport Racing Radiator

Bigger (19 core) oil cooler

RS2 Intercooler

H&R and Bilstein Race suspension

Porsche 944 Turbo LS diff

Whiteline Rear ARB

Porsche 993T front callipers with 321 * 32 disks

Audi S8 rear callipers with 280 * 25 disks

Details of my installation - MemberPage/Gandalf/Install

Issues regarding altitude - MemberPage/Gandalf/Altitude