With all the modifications I was starting to have problems getting my car tuned with Motronic. I therefore decided to purchase a PnP? VEMS, wideband lambda and EGT sensor.

The package arrived promptly down here in South Africa!

I then did the crank home polarity change and plugged in the VEMS.

I installed the latest version of vemsTune using firmware_1.1.27.

The car started first time but was way too rich - I changed to injector_727cc.txt and the car started running nicely! I have not installed the WB lambda or the EGT yet.

Next step was to verify that the sensors all gave to correct reading. I noticed that MAT reading and CLT readings were not correct.

I tried to load a different CLT file and vemsTune showed a fatal error and said something like "ECU in Boot Mode."

I can now not communicate with the ECU at all "ECU not connected"


I found instructions at to solve the problem. I switched the ignition off, bridged pins 2 and 3 on the serial cable from the ECU, switched ignition back on, removed the bridge and plugged in again.

The communication problems remained. This was as a result of the USB to Serial converter I was using. I purchased a Sunix PCMCIA USB to Serial (CBS2009) and problem solved!

So after bridging pins 2 & 3, upload firmware and problem solved.

Installing WBO2 and EGT sensors.

The Plug&Play VEMS comes with 4 plugs 1) Serial Connector 2) EGT 3) 5 pin for WB02 and 4) 6 pin Aux Connector. See below:


The WBO2 connections to the 5 pin plug is WBO2 on SSC5 male standard applies to both Audi AAN and 3B (also to BMW):

* pin1 nernst,WBO2 pin 1

* pin2 WBO2 pin 3 (use a 5A fuse from +12V supply wire)

* pin3 heater(-),WBO2 pin 4

* pin4 pump(-),WBO2 pin 5

* pin5 pump(+),WBO2 pin 6

Connected EGT and WBO2 up and all working nicely!


these ISV connectors and WB-Connectors are somewhere in the VEMS Shop?