I already have installed Genboard v3 in VW Scirocco, with 1.8 20VT engine. Lots of configuration to be done.

Previously equipped with Megasquirt v2.2 with Extra code. Continuous problems with ecu changing settings by itself. Also coil charge times were not what they should've been (difference between MT readings and reality), so fed up with melted coils.




System consists of:

Injectors wired from A to D (will add pin#s later), configured to fire 2 banks (00..01) altenating. External 30V TS-diode.

No sequential for now, camsync not in use at the moment. I'm trying to get the car running properly first.

Keep the injector discussion at 1 place. Keeping it (on MembersPage/TeroKortteenpohja/CurrentProblems ) separately from the subsystem description is a bad idea. Keep it at the injector-related section (or best: subpage) so the setup is easily seen by whoever wants to help.

Ignition coils wired to Ign00(pin35) and Ign5(pin12). Pin 12 used, beacuse for some reason, couldn't get spark from Ign01(pin33). This shouldn't be a problem, should it? These all are low level outputs anyway. Coilpack has built-in IGBTs.

Here I will show my configurations for Megatune. I'll try and explain every option possible. I will update when i find answers to my own questions first. My opinion is, this Wiki is like hell to try and find something usefull. It took me more than hour to find info how to configure fuel pump output to work.

These pages are good starting points: GenBoard/Manual and MembersPage/PhatBob/UserGuide - Mattias