As soon as Mr.Peippo will test his Auditrigger board on his 10VT 5cyl Audi and camsync on COP on 5cyl will be supported I plan to use genboard to control injection and ignition

Please check GenBoard/Manual/InputTriggerCamSync page for camsync updates, information will be found from there when it is time for that


2. The second step is to use genboard for controlling LPG fueling - now I has mixer type LPG fueling - have to go into some talks with local LPG service about getting bigger LPG injectors and build it in my engine without having LPG ECU and let it be managed by Genboard :) - if everything works fine - the plan is to go to bigger turbo (now I have k24) and make at least 350hp LPG engine of this Audi :)

As for this , I found article in ms forums explaining the situation: ....additional info goes to

sure it could be done in VEMS too ...


I'm planning of buying genboard before christmas - so,please guys - help me to make a needed part list from the shop:

As U see - I own 20V turbo 5cyl Audi engine (engine code: AAN)running Motronic ECU. I couldn't find specs for the AAN engine, but here comes the specs for 20V turbo 3B engine, please take in mind that it's the same engine with some differences in the ignition part - AAN uses 5coils-5plugs ignition (3B uses distributor)- all other sensors and components are 99% the same!

Engine Management Sensors and Components for 3B engine

Hall Sender (G 40) in the distributor

Reference Mark Sensor (G4) and Engine Speed Sensors (G28)

Air Mass Sensor (G70) (Hot Wire Mass Airflow Sensor)

Throttle Valve Potentiometer (G69) with Idle Switch (F60)

Intake Air Temperature Sensor (G42)

Coolant Temperature Sensor (G62)

Knock Sensor I (G61) and Knock Sensor II (G66)

Oxygen Sensor (G39)

Altitude Sensor (F96)

Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor (G71)

Multi-Function Temperature Sensor (F76)

Additional Signal: A/C Compressor ON/OFF Signal

Additional Signal: A/C Compressor Idle Speed Increase Signal

Additional Signal: Tachometer/Trip Computer

Additional Signal: Fuel Consumption

Idle Stabilizer Valve (N71)

Carbon Canister Frequency Valve (N80) and Carbon Canister

Fuel Pump Relay (J17) and Fuel Pump

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Sequential Injection

Fuel Injectors (N30, N31, N32, N33, N83)

Ignition Coil (N), Ignition Output Stage (N70), and Distributor (0)

Boost Pressure Control

Bypass Valve (throttle overrun cutoff valve)

Wastegate Frequency Valve (N75)

I need that Genboard could run as perfect as Motronic:) the basic needs for my car is:

If You need other info about the specs to help making needed parts list, please let me know ASAP!

P.S. I know,that Megasquirt'sparks can do ignition and injection on 3B engine (I could just take out the engine plate and make my engine with distributor ... but do I need to do so?I hope Genboard will support COP in near future!)So I want to know - will Genboard support my needs?

There will go the parts list (please correct the values if something wrong or is needed+the explanation):

1. GenBoard v3.x 199.00 EUR

2. Econoseal18-PCB 7.00 EUR

3. Econoseal36-PCB 11.00 EUR

4. Econoseal18-Wire 8.00 EUR

5. EconoSeal?36-Wire 9.00 EUR

6. FET: FQPF20N06L x5 10.00 EUR

7. Ignition IGBT x5 20.00 EUR

8. MPX4250AP 23.00 EUR

9. Crimp tool

10. 2 spare IGBT + 5 more FET's