My S2 coupe

Hello, I own 1991 Audi S2 coupe with 2,2L 5syl 3B engine, and my main goal is to make it run on VEMS and get power between 350-400BHP. Right now my best ET at 1/4 mile is 12,82 seconds.

This was my goal 2 years ago :) right now it has chaged a "little" :D and new 400m time is 12,5 :D and it runs on VEMS now.

Now I'll not satisfy under 600Hp :D new engine (already at work), I think that holset 35 super would be a good choise and lots of NOS :D

With that setup it shold be around 500Hp without NOS, and with 2 NOS injectors the 600Hp should not be a problem.

Right now my setup -is:


Brakes: 4x zimmerman discs, ferodo brake pads, Motul RBF600 brake fluid. Front brakes are waiting for upgrade, alredy buyed wilwood 4 piston calipers and audi A8 320mm discs.

Suspension: 4x kony yellow shocks, original springs, FWD ones at back + my own made coils at back.

Body: The car got new paint few years ago, for better cooling it has modified RS2 replica front bumper, a little wider rear bumper, loesed lower door covers, tinted windows.

Other: 034 short shifter (to hold on it, I'll make my own RS2/ABY shifter linkage for new 01E gerabox:D becauase I repaired 01A one two yhears ago, and the second gear failied again... and I do not like S4/s6 linkage :P


New engine, high output colis, NOS :D, water/methanol injection- :D

I already ordered one 034 high output coil and it failed for distributur ingnition, now I'll gather some money to order the other 4 ones :D