Q: Is the Shift-cut analog input working in inverted mode? The car has a clutch switch wich is normaly in closed position. When the pedal pushed down the button open the circuit.

I know it wasn't working with old firmware.

A: No, inverted shiftcut input channel selection is not supported; Nor is it needed as there are two activation thresholds so any switch can already be used.

I see the inverted channels are mistakenly available in the shiftcut input selection list for 1.2.36 and above those will be removed shortly.

Best regards, Dave


Opel Astra Z20LEH ETC controlling problem.

I configured the PPS1, PPS2, and (manualy)TPS1, TPS2 sensor. It's working fine, however the TPS does not react to PPS. I've tried to change the duty cycle from 0 to 100% without any success. The bridge is always grounded, if ETC is disabled then the bridge does PWM just fine.

Also if ETC is disabled and injector pwm is set to between 50% - 100% the TPS reacts to the changes.

In the log the ETC didn't working. I moved to manualy.

Answered related bug report: - DB

If ETC target cannot be reached in 1.2.20-1.2.28 with an assumedly reasonable config (actuator min/max not reached; P and I nonzero, ...), please see newest from [dirX] or [dir] and test with that (wider window for ETC integral limit), and report result.



Which is the best choice to triggering the AAN engine?

I don't like to use auditrigger. I would like to use more reliable way for it. 60-2 missingtooth wheel, 5pin coiltype or other tip from you? /Norbitron

I use 60-2 with Hall-sensor, running 5coils without camsync. Works perfect. / Erik Englund

-What kind of hall sensor do you use? Is it? ->

This isn't recommending with home made 60-2 wheels. Do you use an OEM from other car? /Norbitronic



Audi Coupe 2.2 20VT AAN - Primary trigger modification note.

Changed from the original 3 trigger to 2 (TDC,CAM). Don't use the 135teeth RPM trigger. Originally the TDC- sensor are sensing 1pin. We installed more 4 pin so there are 5pin every 72degree back of the flywheel.