Teppo Kalske from Finland, born 1972

I'm currently using VEMS on my daily driver Audi RS2 with 16x14 maps.

Using 1.1.23, soon testing 1.1.24 firmware with auditrigger

[OLD dump and log from 1.1.9]

Yesterday I had plenty of trouble starting the engine when temp around -15C.

Engine crank about nice, took bit of a while to get cam sync (1.0.53).

After getting sync engine tries to start (promises) but fails to start. Problem is that there seems to be a strange gap in ignition(?) when mode is changed from crank to running.

A: You have a Very High ignition advance from low RPM, (30+ degrees), also a very low cranking threshold rpm (300) and a low cranking advance

Set all three leftmost bins in the whole spark table to 15,9,25 and set a 15 degree cranking advance, 400 rpm threshold and try again //Emil

Result: No difference

Some inertia is needed to get over it and with a cold engine it is a real problem.

I tried different crank and afterstart ignition and fueling settings, no luck.

Another problem is that ecu seems to do too much Air Den enrichment. If I tune fuel-Map when IAT is around 10C, it has to be changed to leaner about 5% when IAT is below 0C, and even more when IAT is -10C. (With warm engine of course)

Log, dump and msq can be found here:

I need help for picking right sensor-files, these are the measured points:

CLT (audi 5cyl 20vt standard sensor):

-20C 11000 Ohm

0C 6000 Ohm

100C 200 Ohm

IAT (audi 1.8T 20v sensor):

-40C 80000 Ohm

20C 2400 Ohm

130C 100 Ohm

Additional info to my 55pin v3.3 order

- for 3B

I run an S2 with 3B and untouched harness, the injectors is powered throught he loom from the fuelpump relay. The in box relay in the Bosch motronic box is only there for cleaning the MAF after the ignition has been turned off. It looks like the relay is controlled by the MAF through pin25. -Jrgen.

WBO2 on SSC5 male standard - applies to both audi AAN and 3B (also to BMW):

3B ECU extra connector pins:

motronic55, pin1 is EC18 pin11 (logiclevel, stepper out)

SSC6 feemale

The 3B extra pinout is made as requested in order note.

AAN ECU extra connector pins:

SSC6 feemale

trigger problem

On full load ecu looses sync before 6000 rpm, every time. Usually nothing can be found in log. I one log rpm drops 5700-10-5700 for one event. This happens 3 times before ecus freezes.

Another issue is that something kills egt-chip. Reading jumps between 0-1100 all the time. Regarless if sensor is connected or not.

Same problem with auditrigger and 60-2, with VR+hall and 2xhall.

All components have been changed, incl harness, coils, ecu, sensors etc.

now using 1.1.80 fw and VT of 19.8.