Hi everybody,

New here on this forum.

My name is Michele and i'm from Belgium.

My project car: VW GOLF MK4 1.8T 20V AGU engine 1999.

The mods:

-Turbo TD04L from subaru WRX

-Homemade stainlessteel egal lenght exhaust manifold

-440 cc bosch injector

-full no cat exhaust Miltek 2.5"

-Front mounted intercooler

-Lc-1 innovate wideband gauge w boch sensor.

-Air intake kit

-Alloy dump valve

-0.7 bar waste gate

-Homemade housing 3" MAF/fresh air intake

-"BRC" sequent LPG system with yellow big injector

My shopping list:

1 x Assembled v3.6 controller

1-wire interface no

EGT input 1

Flyback 30V flyback

ignition driver 4 + 4

Knock input channels 2

LCD connection no

MAP connection 300 kPa simplenipple

mounting-style screws

primary_trigger EC36/27 VR

PS2 connection no

secondary_trigger HALL

withSDcard no

At this time the car is running with Vems but have some issue to fix on my config:

Enable the secondary trigger

Find the right adjustment for the req-fuel/inj. voltage compensation

It seems that Boost solenoid don't work,to check...

All your advice (wiring diagrams,pictures,links,etc..)will be apreciated, thank you.


E-mail adress:

Back soon with Vems config.

For the newbie!!

I just want to tell how much is important to read all the instruction,and swim into the wiki docs and advice and listen well and follow the experienced Guys like ROB,Mattias,Gintks and sorry for the other I've forgotten ;-)....

By the way they helped me I think they knows this device better then nobody and they know what they are talking about.

Read the more as you can in the forum before asking questions,frequently the answer is already there....

Hi everybody ,

Im back with a brand new board(I ve burned the first one :Newbie bad manipulation),but before mounting it again on my bi-fuel car(GPL) there is a very strange issue on my car that I need to fix:

When I drive all the time on petrol fuel,the car always start like a charm on the first engine revolution.

But when I turn on the LPG system (the engine swap automatically from petrol to Gaz )and drive the car on LPG mode,the starting moment become a nightmare,I have to try 2 or 3 time before it start.

Info :

The car always start on petrol mode

The LPG device is fully sequential BRCsequent injection type

Start on fuel and turn it over to LPG when it runs.

All LPG cars in holland start on petrol and turn after 3sec to LPG.

Some links

I'm so happy because I'm running all day long with the Vems Ecu!

I can switch from Gpl to petrol and everythings works.

No starting issue!

Please share your vemscfg (or vemslog) so we can give better recommendations.

Now what I have To Do is:

All suggestion will be appreciate....


Next step :drive my LPG injector directly by the VEMS ecu....

I'm going to drive those LPG injectors directly from the Vems ecu using 4 of the 8 injectors outputs .

here is what I will try to do:

I await your opinions and feedback, advice as well.

Nice Job!!

Do you use a serial resistor with the LPG injectors,I don't see it in the diagrams.

What is the multiplying factor between the LPG and Petrol VE table,regarding the fact the injection time is different?

Nice Project,

I think you dont need the addon board, just use a zenor in the flyback rail in Low-Z setup for both injector types, read the flybackpage.

Use a inputchannel to switch the tables, and use output channels to drive the fuelpumps (petrol and LPG) turn one on and the other off. read these,

Hi everybody,

I have wired my LOW-Z extention board for driving my LPG injectors and it work.

For sure I'm on the begining and it need fine tune.

Does anybody have some info about this injector specs:

BRC yellow injector

Serial N:09SQ9920003G

It will be great to find the battery voltage compensation time,rampup,etc...

I have choose to work with the 8 injectors outputs and what's strange is that I need to swap the common +12v injector when swapping from petrol to LPG,I can't supply the all injectors because when I run in LPG mode it seems that the petrol injectors stay open and flood the engine.

All sugestions appreciated....


Check resistance of FET probeply fried, to much heat solderring?

-The extension was installed by the Vems repair technician,and I suppose the work was done right.

Why does it work now with the same wiring and output,I've just only installed a relay to swap it..?

Here is my openning time set up:

Inj opening time : 0 s

Inj effect rampup :504 s

Inj ram.volt.comp. :4080 s

Inj Volt Comp. :704 s

Injector PWM:

Inj. PWM DC :50.2%

Inj. PWM peak time: 1.2 ms

Check or rethink your wiring, you should've wire it like being a 8cilinder car. What i would try but i am not a specialist, drive each injector with its own FET. Disable pwm and use flyback with 30v zenor. Swap config when going from petrol to lpg using the table swap option.

Today I have run a couple of km trying to tune my LPG map and under boost got big missfire (like a gun !!).

And at the end something dies,the car will turn off

when she goes to gas from petrol.

Now the car run like a charm on Petrol and nothing on LPG :-(.

Is it possible that too much PWM DC can kill the Gas injectors?

what I've notice is that the idle were good and low-mid load too,the missfire occur on the high VE table cell,and that's why I'm talking about the PWM DC...

After that,I have made a test going back to the traditionnal "BRC sequent" wiring and ecu and is the same result the engine dies too.

Before with the BRC gas ecu ,I was able reach 1.5 bar of boost and no issue.

I suspect the gas line valve or the injectors???

Now I have to check:

-LOW-Z extension

-Gas injector

Q: Could it be LPG mixture is ignited by exhaust gases during valve overlap?

I don't know......

Hi guys,

I had to replace the reducer/vaporizer and one injector....

The internal rubber gasket was perforated and the high pressure(liquid phase) gas have passed through it.

Finally I've decided to go back working with the BRC ecu for LPG and everything work like a charm today.

Set boost pressure to 1 bar for LPG reliability.