1992 Audi S4 AAN

PnP? motronic VEMS

Siemens Deka 006 injectors

Bosch 044 fuelpump

Ran quite nicely with original coils (until last saturday). Now trying to get it to run Audi 1.8t coils, but one cylinder wants to stay dark. I have now measured my wiring with dvm, but can't find fault in wires. Even though, I'm inclined to blame my ready made harness I'm using for my coils.

Last night I debugged this further, and can't find any fault in my configuration. I don't have osciloscope available, so I can't check trigger pulse form. I can however see with dvm that I do get a trigger pulse on cyl 3, just as on other cylinders. Coils have been swapped around, and always it's cyl3 that stays dark. I'm pretty much stumped right now, and am going to buy new powerstage for my original coils. I have 1 new powerstage, and with that I can get motor running on 3 cylinders, so am hoping that with another new powerstage I can get it to fire on all cylinders.

Problem solved with another functioning powerstage and original coils. 3 spark plugs were harmed during this experiment

Ignition solved once and for all. 5x 034 DIS coils, original powerstages and "generic" 8.5mm plug wires. Managed to break 5 more spark plugs.

Good choice, almost anything is better (more durable in an overheated environment and easier to set up) in a turbo (with 1+bar boost) than the audi1.8t (COP logiclevel input) coils.

At last, stable idle, that stays down and won't keep idling at 1100+rpm. Have to check idle settings and upload them here. Also got EGO control to work on idle, haven't been able to use it as idle has been quite erratic at times.