Audi 10VT engines in historic rally in Group B

[Jobparts Ab] is building many cars for rally and some for road.

Fredrik from Stockholm... Original factory ECU was (35 pin?) and orange color... New ECU box MUST be painted orange ...

Trigger setup ? Auditrigger ?

I think that "cart" could be a starting point:

would be best for that engine (most connectors are AMP type "injector connectors", 2 or 3 pin).

But to proceed someone local (in Stockholm) would be needed to do on-site verifications / measurements, and cooperate with remote assistance (whoever that be).

At this moment I can order at least 3 boxes with all parts and 5 cables looms if that helps.

If econoseal version (as it seems now) it's "almost standard", no "set-up costs", so 1 initially is probably best to see that it fits as you like (or if any changes needed).