note: professional harness being made for audi V8 engine, and many other V8 as well), write "audi V8" in the order comment when ordering [v3-harness]

This was the race car the Hungarian autocross champion in 2007.

üdv: Ákos

Audi V8 (from an S4) powered small 1-seat autocross racecar.

Owner thought 350 HP is possible, but with the small factory injectors the limit seems to be appr 320 HP. Anyway, 300 HP should be easy

There is no idle-air control electronics in this car.

battery-break switch

There is a battery-break switch. The battery-break switch MUST NOT BE SWITCHED OFF WHILE THE ALTERNATOR IS OPERATING (alternator might kick up to 50..100V damaging the ECU. Some alternators are more dangerous than others)

This (together with the similar transient diode inside the ECU) might give _SOME_ chance for the ECU to survive if the break switch is switched off while engine is running. This is only allowed after an accident anyway, hopefully will never be tried.

Besides the transient diode some installers install an alternator-switch that can disable the alternator (usually the alternator exciting). If the stupid inspectors insist on switching off the battery break switch while the engine is running, driver should disable alternator before this stupid operation.

Nonstandard ECU

This ECU was ordered with some nonstandard features. (some historical unfortunate setup from an installer from old times when he assembled his ECUs from genboard mainboards himself). Most notably the stepper chip is missing. The stepper pins are used for analog inputs and RS232.