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V8 with 60-2 trigger and 8 COPs (currently running ign_dualout)

Anyone has base timing of this engine ?

Originally it was falsely reported

that trigger system is InputTrigger/AudiTrigger with

primary trigger

secondary trigger

It turned out for sure

there is no crankhome-VR, and the

primary trigger

secondary trigger

Unfortunately the ECU was ordered with secondary_trigger=VR that needs VR sectrig to work. Modification so it would work with HALL trigger is possible (see GenBoard/Manual/InputTriggerHardWare), only a solderblob needs to be removed, but disassemble+assemble might take 40 mins.

Likely the 8 ignition coils will originally be driven with ign_dualout, so the 60-2 primary trigger is enough to run the engine.

Base timing

We got the ABZ running with igndualout on 8 (S4 passive) COPs

that is 13*6 + 60 = 138 degree, but we are uncertain if this is right.

Cyl 1..4 seem to run, cyl5..8 seem not.

Assuming firing order: 1-5-4-8-6-3-7-2 this was VERY supprising. Is the firing order correct ?

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