Since GenBoard/VerThree allows much customizations, you'll find a so called rescue kit which contains about 100 components

If the provided paper is lost, please check [here under /download](rescuekit v0.07, on page2 at this time)

Important Warning: connect all grounds (GND and GND5, sometimes marked as powerGND or PGND) before applying power. Otherwise the board will be damaged.

Rescue1 kit

Rescue2 - capacitors and 2 zener diodes

Capacitors don't have text on them, so ways to tell their value:

Rescue2 v0.06 (OLD):

-- There are no strips containing 8 caps, only 6, are these the same 220n caps?

Update your printed list if you use some parts, so you can keep track.

See also: GenBoard/VerThree/RescueKitOld for old resuekit versions for more info