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The Plan

My plan is to install a GenBoard/VerThree (V3.3) to my project car.

The car is a '83 [VW Golf GTI] with an 1.8T 20V engine.

The car is at the moment under restauration and the engine is rebuilt. The engine comes from an '97 Audi A4 (Engine code: AEB). The original K03 turbo has been changed for a K04-023 and exhaust manifold from an Audi S3 / TT 225hp.


[More pictures of the car and the rebuild can be found here]



The setup incorporate GenBoard/VerThree V3.3 (build nr.609) with

- 4 Individual Coil On Plugs (dummy ignition)[1] [2][Wiring Sch.]
- OEM 60-2 wheel on the crank. Pictures: [1] [2]
- Hall sensor on the camshaft (One window).
- VAG AIT sensor [1]
- VAG water temp. (OEM combined sensor for EMS and Instrumet panel. G2/G62 unit)
- VAG throttle body with built-in idle control InTake/ThrottlePlates/VAGElectronicThrottle Idle switch, Idle engine position TPS and main TPS (I hope to control the idle with PWM the signal to the idle engine)
- Two knock sensors. One in used until firmware support dual sensors.
- Wideband lambda sensor.
- 4x 440cc/min fuel injectors (Ford SVO / Bosch high ohm)
- EGT (Sensor mounts in the K04-023 turbin housing in front of the turbine wheel)


Ignition and Injection run in sequence thanks to cam trigger sync. setup now. But to get the car running the firing seqence had to be setup as 3-4-2-1 in the H[2] matrix (OEM firing seq. 1-3-4-2 = 180deg of on the firing seq. Found timing mark on cyl2)

The cam trigger event resets to cyl1 (which is there, at position 3=ignchmax), so this seems fine. Remember that ign sequence is traversed from right to left (bottom to top in MT)

Software setup found here:



The engine starts and idles (not setup yet) with this set-up.

Problem during installation:

1. Due to a misunderstanding and an error wiring I might have damaged an injfet(powered a coil without flyback until the fuse blew 10A) and a IGBT (unsure how and when, but doesn't respond now. More testing need to be done).

Problems found after startup

1. WBO2 sensor starts as soon as the ignition is turned on (engine not started). The reason for this looks to come from noice on the primary trigger input. Terminal window is filled with "binary garbage" when I turn on mde40. (Ignition on, engine not running).

You can try to connect the VR sensor cable shield at the EC36pin26 (not at the engine sied). The VR sensor circuit is very sensitive without signal applied (appr 50mV is enough to trigger). When trigger pulses come in, that pushes the LM1815 adaptive threshold up so sensitivity is smartly adjusted to maintain a clean trigger (if at all possible).

Power and Gnd connection info found here:


Sensor information:



V3.3 shopping list:


Info on my V3.1 board (not working at the moment)


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