Information on my wiring setup

Power and Gnd wiring


All gnd5s and gnd are connected together within 30cm from the EC36. One single 4mm2 gnd goes to the engineblock (approx 2m long) All sensor gnds are connected together with main GND approx 2cm from the E36pin.

All VR and Knock sensors shields are connected together at the sensor side and connected to the engineblock.


Main power to the unit is switched with the ignition key and fused with a 3A. before the unit.

Injectors are fused with a common 10A.

Coils are fused with a common 10A

WBO2 is fused with a 10A

Boost controller and Idle controller are fused with a common 3A.

Fuel pump fused in OEM fusebox.


A TS diode is installed in the wiring as shown in MembersPage/PhatBob/UserGuide (also installed is the powerflyback board).

The boost controller and Idle control motor have each a 1N5407 installed in parallell.

Tachometer (RPM Rev Counter)

Original setup

Originally the rpm signal is feed from the coil (-) (Single coil distributor) to the fuse box where the signal is distributed to the fuel pump relay, multi function instrument (shift light for economic driving, fuel consumption calculations) and tachometer.

New setup:

I'm now using 4 COPS and need a new tachometer signal and rpm signal to the fuel pump relay.

A possible solution is to wire signal from each coil with separation diodes into the cars original wiring

Using 4 high-voltage diodes (such as ES2J or BY399 or even 1n4007) to make a tach signal compatible with the original sounds good.

A similar solution is described at the bottom of this page

Questions from others:

Why don't you control the shift light and fuel pump relay directly from the ECM ? To keep it simple I prefer to use a well known solution at the moment (and it's simple to wire in one cable)


The old (removed) pin-out table wasn't correct for my installation. MembersPage/PhatBob/UserGuide has been used during the installtion. New pin out table or drawing will follow soon.

More info will come shortly