My shopping list:

Housing and cables:

Spare parts:

External sources

1x LSU4 WBO2 lamda sensor

1x Wideband connector with seals

Optional parts:

Parts ordered today 29.07.2004

1 x Econoseal36-Wire 9.00EUR

1 x Econoseal36-PCB 11.00EUR

1 x Econoseal18-Wire 8.00EUR

1 x Econoseal18-PCB 7.00EUR

2 x Alubos gasket 4.00EUR

1 x Alubos Endplate 8.00EUR

1 x Alubos EC frontplate 9.00EUR

1 x Alubos1600 28.00EUR

1 x TPIC8101DW 6.00EUR

1 x MPX4250AP 23.00EUR

8 x FET: FQPF20N06L 16.00EUR

5 x Ignition IGBT 20.00EUR

1 x LM1815M 4.00EUR

1 x Stepper kit 3.00EUR

1 x Wideband connector 19.00EUR

1 x WideBandO?2 sensor 69.00EUR

1 x AD597AR 6.00EUR

1 x GenBoard v3.x

- Ship start: 7 weeks 189.00EUR

1 x LCD4x20 28.00EUR