Skoda Octavia dedicated track race car with

The engine is currently not controlled with

There would be appr. 6 similar installs within a year if all goes well.

Trigger setup - under investigation

Ignition module

Similar to the GM module on IgnitionPage/TransformerWithAmplifier but different pinout.

How can i determine which pin is which cylinder group?

WebShop text (for assembled controller) shows ignchannel3 and ignchannel5 are logiclevel. The DVM measures active 0V output on these by default (when inactive, eg. after powerup).

A power (non-logic-level) channel does not pull to GND when inactive.

You might need to swap 03 and 05 in the h[2] table, depending on which channel you want to time first after the missing tooth.

The genboard is wired up except the crank VR (hopefully a 60-2),WBO2,EGT,injectors and coils.It communicates with the megatune,TPS,batterycalibration,MAP already works

Please tell me how to wire up

  • the middle is usually the shield. Use your DVM, appr 500 Ohm is typical for VR.

megmértem,a közepe és a "jobb" széle között 874ohm...

más variációban semmi....

  • the VR sensor or the ECM is unlikely to be damaged if wired wrong


  • if you are uncertain of VR+ and VR- (or if you experience strange errors, like RPM lost during certain conditions), apply InputTrigger/TriggerLog to be certain
  • How can we wire up the microswitch (NOT found yet) for gearshift ignition cut ,and how can we configure it??

Looks like the Astralogger has its own sensors (checked all inputs ,working without "original" ECU, and ECU sensors). I think that the camsync signal is used by this logger for RPM signal... Nice.