megatune is old, use VemsTune tuningsoftware

EVERYTHING BELOW is OLD ... Downloadable megatune and firmware matched and packaged releases

Some windows freezes when logging 62 bytes blocks of realtime data (D command, that 1.1.12-1.1.27 uses) instead of 56 bytes (A command, that 1.1.1 uses below). This is a bug in the pl2303 usb-adapter windows driver (or operating system). If that happens, 1.1.1 can be used for logging (the difference in dialogs between 1.1.1 and 1.1.27 is small anyway, ve and igntable should work well).

IMPORTANT: new megatune vemsv3.ini must be released with 56 byte realtime logging (A command), the extra data (D command that also contains per-cylinder performance data) must be optional (eg. available with high-boost 12x12 choosable at startup).


  • Now includes generate-configWithWBO2Defaults.bat which ensures that the factory recommended wideband settings are correct. Does not effect unit specific (pump_pw_zero, nernstdc_target and wbo2_calibration) settings.
  • NOTE: if upgrading from 1.0.53 or older you will need to type this in by hand
  • Manttg20h00g21h00g22h00g23h00g24h00g25h00g26h00g27h00mcsbye

Instructions to make it work:

Megatune and firmware for old genboard v2.x

Several v2.2-s are running, installed and tuned years ago. It is recommended that install specific data including docs,wiring,versions,config,firmware,megatune,tools etc) is kept (and backed up) safely, and passed along if ownership changes (please be nice to the new owner: the advantage of a self-tunable system is gone immediately if access to this info is hard, and it can turn into a blackbox nightmare).

MembersPage/SamiKorhonen has some v2.x firmware compiled from recent code, and megatune he uses for it.

See also: GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/FirmwareChanges