This page lists some useful knowhow related to InputTrigger verification

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The InputTrigger is the most important signal in the system. A multitooth trigger, especially the 60-2 contains an extreme amount of information that could be utilized for tuning. However, since many things can go wrong during an install, this page focuses on debugging, examining the trigger events that GenBoard sees (often during cranking attempts).

Initially, triggerlog is captured:

BMW S54 example: 3 triggers

(the red should be name "third trig", not "camshaft exhaust", because thirdtrig on this BMW is actually on the intake):


The relative times (changing because of compression forces) are indicated by the height (and the distance of pulses of course). note: Pulses were originally displayed with equal heights, like some examples below. Some important events, like spark positions are also displayed when enabled (enabled by default in VemsTune since about 2009, for each cylinder).

Spark ign to trigger interference example


Other examples



60-2 example log including secondary trigger data:


Under firmware 1.1.78 the trigger logging has different method, see:


Low pulsecount trigger without sectrig - for the curious

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