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Because of holidays (and slower postal service), 2010 Dec 18 - Jan 5 the shop servicing will be slower.

Automatic payments = order is completed after the payment

Return to the shop when payment is done: click to "Finalize Order" / "Return to shopping" button. The final order is created at this point (if omitted for some reason after has payment gone through, the shop crew will notice the payment the next working day the latest. You can checkout cart with IBAN option and add a line to the order note about the payment to expedite the process).

Ikobo/moneybooker/paypal are referred to as "internet" payment (or email payment).

"Manual" payments => "IBAN/BIC/Swift/wire transfer" option

Order can be checked out with "IBAN", that is "no payment" at the moment; Payment is usually IBAN (=BIC=Swift=wire transfer) in this case, but it can be any other.

http://webstore.x-dsl.hu/directpay.php will guide you through the process and allow immediate payment for Visa / Mastercard / paypal. It will show you detailed information (including conversion to several currencies) for IBAN payment (which you can only initiate at your bank).

Ask about them - if there is a good reason...

Several orders (eg. your orders, or yours and your friend's) can be paid with 1 transfer.

You are welcome to write payment info (as a reply to the checkout or state-change email from "x-store") to help linking payment and order info (especially if the payment is IBAN/wire or comes from your friend, or several orders paid together). Linking payment to order is normally smooth using name, country, value, date, orderid, etc... data.

Choose Assembled controller first - with the options you need, of course

The assembled controller usually takes 3..6 working days to customize to your options (and test, package). Here is how you can get all your items ASAP, and still have more time to fine-tune the other items/quantities.

This only applies to the assembled controller, not to bare genboard. Note that even resellers buy assembled controllers these days, except in rare cases of (usually problematic anyway) plug-n-play installs.

Globalization - Import tax

Sometimes packs from EU to non-EU are split to max 2kg "letter class mails" before sent. 2kg mails usually go through without hassle. Unless you request otherwise:

The normal way to do it is use split purchase value:

This is because there is no import tax on "license" anywhere that we know of. However, there could be VAT - theoretically.


Question: Would it make sense to have fuel rail extrusions in stock? Shipping is a bit problematic... Like here: http://www.rossmachineracing.com/extrusionhouse.html


WebShop/BackLog page for requests for completing shipment when the primary shipping is done before all parts are available (everything is stocked for a long time now - except v3harness main part was delayed a few weeks by the manufacturer).

Note that the webshop email and contact is for shipping/pricing/billing. Use the wiki (see MembersPage) for technical issues. It saves you and the support crew a huge amount of time (more exactly, email wastes a huge amout of time, by splitting the details of the case to several messages and hiding the current status). In the best case, technical issues sent in email will be answered with delay.

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