The assembled circuits get some basic tests (the fully assembled,cased units get thorough tests, but that's another story) so installing them is as smooth as possible. If things somehow don't go smoothly, it's really hard to tell the problem when one is uncertain in his ISP cable, the usage of his GenBoard/Firmware/Upload software and other involved stuff. This is one of several reasons why assembling these circuits at home from ground up is very inefficient. There are enough issues to take care before and during install even with an assembled unit.

Passed tests before shipping:

GenBoard/VerTwo went through mintests before shipping:

Mintest consists of:

The v3 versions go through additional tests (called commtest, which includes the mintest as well):

From v3.2:

Since v3.3:

Since v3.6:

[[Manual: Basics.Install.Mechanic]]

What is in the AVR flash on the mintested boards besides the BootLoader?

If you really want to know (which is probably a waste of time, once you made your RS232, LCD and PS2 work with it you should upload your own firmware)

Planned tests:

See also:

GenBoard/VerThree/RescueKit to find what it contains