This page is for developers only. Using ISP is NOT needed, causes unnecessary complications and inconvenience, and NOT supported (also voids warranty)

Users check out GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/FirmwareChanges and BootLoader (that reflashes firmware via serial connection).

MegaTune distribution has .bat "batchfiles" that help with the firmware upgrade. Check any associated README.txt files or the .bat-s themselves.

Reflashing firmware might destroy the config so make sure you have a config at hand to upload after the firmware upgrade.

After the new code is in place, restore the config:

See GenBoard/InitialConfig for initial configuration.

Uploading bootloader via ISP cable

Easy to follow instructions contributed by patient users: see MembersPage/MattiasSandgren/NickesBMW/AvrBootCode - thanx !

Using ISP is normally not necessary. Only if a damaged board ain't want to talk in serial. In the future, there might be a procedure to upgrade to the networked bootloader. Uploading via serial is possible (or not) depending on an internal lock-bit.

Uploading the [bootloader] or firmware (or even both at the same time, if one manually merges the .hex files, removing the short 1ff "ENDLINE" from the first) is really easy.

You can construct a device for 1 Euro in about 5 minutes from a DB25 male connector if you have a PC with parallel port.

We use the STK200 cable with uisp and avrdude.

This [nice little USB programmer] was also tested with avrdude (on windows) with atmega 128. Works well.

This is great news. For motorola you need a $65 ($49 programmer + $16 adapter for processor) equipment or send your board to some of the kind people who can program it for you (and you need to mess with a socket).

asking for help regarding BootLoader boot/main.c upload

I usually upload bootloader via avrdude (see bin/ However I'm not satisfied:

other notes:

in the future: (bin/ script)

If you choose to diverge from what most of us use, or over-curious here are some links:

Atmega168 ISP program upload

With a smaller HW (not GenBoard, but a related LED display), we want to upload program to virgin atmega168 uCs (no BootLoader yet, that's exactly what we want to upload: ISP upload is needed, which is not supported by avrprog). Preferrably programming process should work on linux and win32 too.

avrdude avrdude works for MembersPage/MarcellGal on win32 too. (a bit annoying that avrdude uploads 128kbyte whenever we write BootLoader to the upper 2 kbyte location. No big deal, we used avrdude traditionally for virgin genboards).

Avrdude supports Atmega88 since ages. I modified avrdude.conf for atmega168, according to the datasheet

It seems to work, will be commited to SubVersionSVN. We should contribute ?

Avrdude annoying bugs:

        avr-objcopy -F ihex --gap-fill=0xff infile.hex outfile.hex

uisp only works well for MembersPage/MarcellGal on Linux only the 20050207 version also adds support for AtMega88 and AtMega48 (note: NOT atmega168), and it's compatible with g++-3.4 => We hacked atmega168 support that seems to work.