generic way to select digital output channels

GenBoard/VerThree has an amazing number of outputs (20 big power and 12 not so power outputs, but more than 32 if logic level ones are counted). Also an amazing number of nice features.

This page explains how installers can map functions that require simple digital output to a real output


Outputs like

GenBoard/Manual/DigitalOut/Table lists all the outputs (and connector pins) with config values. make it possible to use symbolic names for this in config.txt.

You can enter the real binary value (eg. with mtt command ) yourself of course if you look at the ( or firmware) code.

# check varvaldictionary() to find the symbolic names : 
	INJFET => 0,
	SPECFET => 1,
	I259 => 2,	
	S259 => 6,
	P259 => 7,
      DISABLED => 15

These symbolic names must be appended with a number (normally 0..7) that selects the subchannel. eg.: S259_7

Optionally an i can be used to invert the signal: S259i_7.

Please check the examples.

To find which symbolic name is for which output pin, check the schematic on GenBoard/Manual/InitialTesting/VerThree and see GenBoard/VerThree/PinOut page.


The examples are for iac_sol_channel but same applies for similar digital outputs, like act_rpm_channel, act_wot_channel etc...

# disable; don't drive any output from this signal: 

# config.txt entry for idle valve on the P259 IDL output:

# similar, but inverting:

# the SPECFET is not implemented, the meaning of the rest is trivial.

Fero, you want sg. like

the stepper can be disabled with iac_conf bit 2 (stepper_iac) = 0

and solenoid can be disabled by iac_sol_channel= DISABLED_F

Do NOT forget to set the relevant entry in h[0] if you use the INJFET output:

h[0] line's 7th element when using iac_sol_channel=INJFETi_6

You can of course switch several injFETs simultaneously.

Config.txt formatting

If you are doing this with the config.txt in hex mode. the

formatting is

   <function>_channel = <output_number> <driver:SPECFET, I259,S259,P259>

Please notice this is backwards of the way the perl script interpets the values. The corresponding page is on GenBoard/Manual/DigitalOut/Table


Would like Fuel pump on P259 pin 6 without inverting the output

   fuelpump_channel = 67

or Water pump on channel 5 (DRIVE_A) of the SPECFET

   water_pump_channel = 51

Testing outputs

Search for mdh (this is a menucommand) on GenBoard/VerThree/Testing

Developer's Notes