This page list the outputs that can be used for GenBoard/Manual/DigitalOut configuration and testing.

Injector drivers are primarily used for driving injectors, but any (otherwise) free channel can be configured for any output. The same goes for all the drivers, including ignition and idle solenoid outputs.

Requirements to enter testing mode:

There are two routes to test the outputs of the Vems manually:

For inductive loads

it must be verified that the chosen driver handles flyback.

No flyback on

so be extremely careful with these. It is easy to apply a simple diode onboard or in the harness to provide flyback if needed, but without it the FET dies (and maybe other things too) when inductive load is switched with it.

Note: the IDL output is only ment to be used with the ON/OFF type solenoids, driving the relay (max 350mA) that drives the valve. If you want to drive a PWM controlled idle valve directly it's best to use one of the free INJ outputs they can handle much more current (max 10A) and are equipped with flyback.

FamilyNumbermdh ON/OFFsame in decimalPinNameMax LoadComments
SPECFET191/1117EC18 pin 18Heater 17 AMisc driver
SPECFET2A1/2133EC18 pin 17Heater 27 AMisc driver
SPECFET5D1/5181EC18 pin 12Drive A7 AMisc driver
SPECFET6E1/6197EC18 pin 6Drive B7 AMisc driver
I259082/022EC36 pin 35Drive 007 AIgnition Driver
I259192/1218EC36 pin 33Drive 017 AIgnition Driver
I2592A2/2234EC36 pin 34Drive 027 AIgnition Driver
I2593B2/3250EC36 pin 36Drive 037 AIgnition Driver
I2594C2/4266EC36 pin 11Drive 047 AIgnition Driver
I2595D2/5282EC36 pin 12Drive 057 AIgnition Driver
I2596E2/6298EC36 pin 24Drive 067 AIgnition Driver
I2597F2/72114EC36 pin 10Drive 077 AIgnition Driver
S259086/066 N/A lcd_rsN/AUsed internally
S259196/1622 (Onboard) S259 Out1(Extra output 5)logicHas to be soldered
S2592A6/2638 (Onboard) S259 Out2(Extra output 6)logicCheck board layout
S2593B6/3654 EC18 pin 4Step A0.6ACan be used for stepper
S2594C6/4670EC18 pin 10 Step B0.6AOr as separate drivers with
S2595D6/5686EC18 pin 5 Step C0.6Astepper chip populated
S2596E6/66102EC18 pin 11Step D0.6Aotherwise, internal logic level
S2597F6/76118 N/A EN_abN/Aused internally
P259087/077EC36 pin 4Drive 08350mAFree. Often tach-out
P259197/1723EC36 pin 16Drive 09350mAFree for any usage
P2592A7/2739(Onboard) CL LED350mAOnboard LED1 or bridgeoutput PFET
P2593B7/3755(Onboard) MISC LED350mAOnboard LED2 or bridgeoutput PFET
P2594C7/4771EC36 pin 3IDL350mAIdle solenoid relay
P2595D7/5787EC36 pin 15FP350mAFuel pump relay
P2596E7/67103EC36 pin 31Drive 10350mAFree for any usage
P2597F7/77119EC36 pin 30Drive 11350mAFree for any usage


Summary for mdh.. testing

Above you've seen examples for ("." = hexadecimal character from 0..f)

but the most interesting and flexible

is yet to be seen. Read on.

Mapping guideline - how to map outputs to functions

Several injector outputs can be switched simultaneously - mdh.0

This is a very nice and often useful feature.

There is no direct connection between an mdh.0 command (replace '.' with 0..9,a..f) and injector FET. Only the h[0] table-line makes the connection. This very important. Don't fool yourself by forgetting this.

Let's assume (just for the example) that tables.txt has:

h[0]=A2 00 01 04 08 FF 10 60

It is very important to note the difference compared to other outputs.

While configuring means the P259 output 4 (labelled idle solenoid relay, EC36 pin 3) is used (which is direct mapping), configuring 70 will not necessarily mean INJ H (because of the indirect "lookup").

instructs the controller to look up the 7th (that is last, since it's 0 based) element from the h[0] line. The value is set to 60 (Mask 40+20) in the above example, so INJ G (mask=40) and INJ F (mask=20) channels will be used. mdh70 will turn these off, mdhf0 will turn these on.
FamilyNumberh[0] maskPinNameMax LoadComments
INJFET001/1EC36 pin 7Inj A10 AInjector driver
INJFET102/2EC36 pin 19Inj B10 AInjector driver
INJFET204/4EC36 pin 8Inj C10 AInjector driver
INJFET308/8EC36 pin 20Inj D10 AInjector driver
INJFET410/16EC36 pin 9Inj E10 AInjector driver
INJFET520/32EC36 pin 18Inj F10 AInjector driver
INJFET640/64EC36 pin 6Inj G10 AInjector driver
INJFET780/128EC36 pin 17Inj H10 AInjector driver

h[0] mask is written in hex / decimal, as megatune wants the injector output table in decimal values.

In general it doesn't make sense to control the same injector channel from several h[0] elements (countrary to the above made-up example). Also, it doesn't make sense to assign the same output for different config..._channel. The result will be undefined (and hard to track down). Assign config..._channel=FF for unused functions, that means "disable".

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