Subsection of GenBoard/VerThree/Testing

Only disassemble an ECU if really needed. Many tests can be done by measurement (with the help of VemsTune output menus, test mode=ON).

For some operations it's enough to remove endplate only. Typically the following subcircuits can be reached through the endplate:

In rare cases, if disassembly is justified

If you unclamp the TO220 FETs, and disassemble the ECU, assemble with care:

make absolutely sure that insulatorsheet is undamaged and neighbor FETs don't touch.

When ECU unpowered (or even disconnected from the harness, measurement can be done with a few econoseal pins or alligator clips), injector outputs should NOT be connected to any other injector output.

Verify this with DVM diode or beep mode measurement.

This would be 8*7/2 = 28 measurements if done naively (or actually 36 to also measure connectivity to case: which is also NOT desired).

Knowing neighbor traces, the official procedure, with a small trick: EC36/21 + case preconnected it's only 15 measurements:

EC36/6  .. EC36/17
EC36/6  .. EC36/18
EC36/6  .. case + EC36/21

EC36/7  .. EC36/18
EC36/7  .. EC36/19
EC36/7  .. case + EC36/21

EC36/8  .. EC36/19
EC36/8  .. EC36/20
EC36/8  .. case + EC36/21

EC36/9  .. EC36/20
EC36/9  .. case + EC36/21

EC36/17  .. case + EC36/21
EC36/18  .. case + EC36/21
EC36/19  .. case + EC36/21
EC36/20  .. case + EC36/21

Measure with DVM diode or resistane (2kOhm) mode: there should be NO connectivity