This page is about postal item tracking services that were used to track registered mails

Unfortunately not very useful, since it only gets registered in the destination country 1..2 days before the pack is delivered.

I don't know of a global tracker.

The registration ID is sg. like: RR060433882HU

This is usually written into the WebShop "sent-out" confirmation (email). If not, please don't email about it (especially for value<130 Euro which is often posted unregistered). If you get the packID, but it does not end in a 2 letter country-code (such as HU, SE or US, etc...), append "HU".


Companies outside EU and EU companies that have an EU-VAT-ID can buy with 0% VAT from XDSL Ltd Hungary (only available with IBAN transfer, which is "check/money order option" in WebShop). This is nice for the company who gets the invoice because the controller, "data equisition system" or "business consulting" appears as cost => tax deduction.

Lost mail ? or lost notification-slip and mail sitting in your post office

Please ask your local post office (with the PackID?), because this is the usual scenario when mail is believed to be "lost":

We haven't experienced any loss of registered-mailed items (only one paper-invoice was lost - in transit or at destination, they were unsure - which was sent unregistered), but the above happened several times.