Page for requests for completing shipment whenever the primary shipping is done before all ordered parts are available.

For a long time now, there is sufficient stock of everything. Don't worry if the WebShop shop page says "out-of-stock" (inventory is tracked in a different system, not the webshop, because the webshop engine only understands one warehouse).

Everyone, who would like small items that he didn't get with primary shipment (even components that would not be part of the order normally, maybe a few more SMB diodes; more resistors, whatever) write the wish-list on/under your MembersPage and link from here. If it's just one item, put here.

If possible, write the WebShop orderID.

List of lists


Shop also has huge stickers now

Phantom payments under investigation

Since shop crew can look (without sql-hacks :-) at orders that are not-fully checked out, payments are almost always linked to order very quickly, using available information (orderid, name, value, date, country etc...). Under any uncertainty we ask (email or tel).

If you have more info about any listed phantom payment, you can write here too. Order-ID, name, tel, comments if possible