My own car is a VW Scirocco GTi -82 that I have been working on for a few years now. Modifications done are: Fitting a certfied roll-cage, bigger brakes, better suspension and more.

Many different engines has passed through the enginebay through the years, all using the old but proven to be good K-Jetronic.

At the moment an 1.8L 16V is in place and ready for conversion to EFI. I´ve studied/tried some of the existing (and of course expensive) aftermarket injection-systems (such as Haltech and Hestec).

Regards to all of you hard working people.

Johan - ICQ# 23240887 - Sweden, Malm?

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My_Make is here: MembersPage/JohanRius/MyMake


2004-12-30: Genboard #205 arrived.

2004-12-31: Did some initial testing (thanks to all helpful people on IRC)

2005-01-02: CLT-, TPS- and MAP-signals working.