I'm Serrano and yet new to GenBoard. Heard about it when I was looking for a replacement engine management system for my Audis (two, and rather old ones, typ8x). In fact I am new to ECU systems, and still fresh to fuel injection at all.

From the beginning, had many aspects: integrated sequential fuel and ign. system preferrably with knock sensing, budget price, willing to build (and modify) if possible, documented project, open-source preferred, and has to support I4, I5, V6 and V8 engines, and also provide at least a basic set of software. Some other minor aspects not even listed.

Up to now, I've found only GenBoard being able to fullfill all my requirements. It has even more to offer: PS/2 keyboard, fully opensource C program...

Currently I am studying the possibilities of converting my engines to full EFI with GenBoard. I have a continous (even mechanical) injection 4cyl and an MPI 5cyl engine, both of them quite different approach to be supervised by a controller, but both being interesting and challenging, at least for me :)

Also I want to be involved in the developement as long as I can do any useful for the project. I have little experience in electronics, some in automotives, and familiar with programming.

I am also interested in the possibilities of adding not so closely related functions, like immobiliser and automatic transmission management to the software. Another interest is fault detection.

I have a rather unusual approach for car mechanics. It's something like take it easy, but many ppl find scary to interchange parts with different ones or eliminating things which are likely to cause more trouble than one can benefit from them (like worn vacuum systems), not to mention cutting and welding if needed. I don't like to be stuck to factory specs and parts. A programmable management system should make interchanges and conversions simple, or at least possible :)