Audi 5 cyl 20vt AAN engine

Non-standard flywheel, crankhome-VR signal way lower than standard, apparently signal is lower than noise ?

but finally max 47nF capacitor would be desired if possible (so delay=C*1kOhm would be less than about 2 crankdeg at 6000 RPM).

After a long-long time and many iterations it turned out:

Likely but hard to tell for sure.


Hi Marcell.

New trigger results with new vemscfg has been send to you via e-mail.

Please send my login password to download results to my members page.

Thank you.


Hi Marcell.

Unfortunately I am unable to test the sensor with scope.

But sensors has been replaced with brand new ones on Monday, so I doubt if the sensors are faulty.

Did test to see if pulse on sensors go up to wiring harness connector to ECU and it does.

I will only be able to send sensors out next week to be tested with scope if you do need the results.

Please find attached the results for trigger log, but still no sec trigger on the results send via e-mail.

Thank you.


We did test the Hall sensor ignition on engine off

Hall sensor seems fine.

Can not find secondary trigger on trigger log (below)

This makes us suspect the crankhome-VR even more if the triggerlogging was done with cam-HALL grounded

Third trig - latest filenames and triggerlog suggest third trig disabled now, good

to see for 100% that crankhome-VR gets to the microcontroller



If the motronic55/pin8 was grounded this makes it extremely likely that the crankhome-VR signal does not go through the LM1815 for some reason (maybe the crankhome-VR signal does not go sufficiently negative ?)

Can you make a scopeshot about the crankhome-VR while cranking ?

v3 serialnr 4622

note: use FileArea to upload files (under where the other related files are).

RPM=0 => Tools/capture triggerlog so we can see which trigger seem to be missing

Ignition outputs...

Be careful !

See [VT help] and tutorial videos.


Note: triggerlog was not uploaded, but the images show something surprising:



Copied from [report] (note: vemslog was not captured or not included in this report either)

log for audi s4 aan

ignition coils tested ok

measurement sensor

ohm between 44/30 ,728kohm

ohm between 45/30 2,69kohm

aan pin 10 0,4ohm

aan pin 19 1,3ohm

aan pin 24 1,2ohm

aan sensor pin 30 4,7mohm


Hi there, please find voltage measurement as requested.

Pin 49 0volt ignition off, ECU connected.

Pin 49 2.865volt ignition on, ECU connected.

Pin 47 0volt ignition off, ECU connected.

Pin 47 0volt ignition on, ECU connected.

Pin 48 on harness tested infinity to earth.

But test 1 kohm to pin 47 and 49 on G4 and G28 sensors.

New log file has been send on 26/06/2012.

Let me know if there was a problem again on the log file.